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Compass INSPIRE Web Map Portal

This is our Internet and intranet map portal/service for sharing our INSPIRE Annex [i] and [iii] GIS datasets. Data are presented here are for Warwickshire County Council, but also for the five...

Jobs Growth

Business growth and employment growth (2003-2007), by SOA.

Job Seekers Allowance Claimants

Number and rate of people claiming Job Seekers' Allowance at June 2008 and June 2009, by SOA.

Pupils by First Language

Percentage of pupils in Warwickshire Schools by first language, by school for 2008 to 2010

Relative Age Profile

Percentage of the population aged 0-15 years, percentage of the population of working age (16-64 Males, 16-59 Females) and percentage of the population aged 60+ (Females) and 65+ (Males), by SOA.

School Admissions Offers - 2008

Number of school places offered in 2008, by school, including number of spaces available and distance to school if appropriate.

Warwickshire Ward Boundaries

A KML File detailing the Wards that make up the county of Warwickshire.

Warwickshire School Closures

This feed details the schools in warwickshire that are currently closed, the period for which they are expected to be closed and the reason for the closure.

Warwickshire Councillors

An RSS Feed detailing the elected members of Warwickshire County Council and the ward they represent.

Compass High Speed Rail HS2 Web Map Portal

This is our internet map portal/service for sharing all GIS datasets for the High Speed Rail (HS2) project, as the line impacts Warwickshire and the surrounding countryside. The vast majority of...

Bridge Weight Limits

A list of bridges and their weight limits

Mobile Library Timetable

Locations, days of the weeks and times of Warwickshire County Council's Mobile Library service.

One Stop Shops

A list of One Stop Shops in Warwickshire, including contact details

Warwickshire Parish Boundaries

A KML file detailing the Parishes that make up the county of Warwickshire.

Pupils by Ethnic Groups

Percentage of pupils by ethnic group 2008 - 2010 by school

Recycling Centres

A list of all recycling centres across Warwickshire

School Exclusions

Data on school exclusions from 2003 - 2009, including reasons for exclusion, type of exclusion, school phase.

Warwickshire Schools (Detail)

Detailed information on Warwickshire Schools, including Headteacher, email address, starting age, leaving age, governance.

Skills and Qualifications

Those aged 16-74 years old with no qualifications, NVQ Level 2 or higher and NVQ Level 4 or higher, by SOA.

WCC Committee Meetings

Includes details of the committee, the type of meeting, the location and the date.