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DNA Hybridisation

DNA-Hybridisation: an array for multiplex agent detection

Polyphagous predator database

Results of field studies on the impact of the insecticide Dimethoate on populations of polyphagous predators in winter wheat fields in England.

Campaign for the Farmed Environment (CFE) field monitoring

Field verification of Campaign for the Farmed Environment (CFE) uptake and delivery of environmental benefits

Potato Blackleg survey

Identify cause of blackleg in GB potatoes

Insect Protein

Work to evaluate insect yield (house fly larvae) on artificial substrate diet.

Small Hive Beetle Control

Investigation into potential control measures for small hive beetle

Investigate small hive beetle

Investigate control methods for small hive beetle

Mass Spectrometry for Salmonella Detection

Proteomics Mass Spectrometry for Salmonella detection

Bemisia tabaci IPM (Integrated Pest Management)

Developing an integrated pest management approach for the containment and eradication of Bemisia tabaci (Gennadius)


Development of an on-site method for the detection of serological response in whole blood using brucella as a model system.

Bed bug detection

Isolation and identification of bed bug compounds with a view to development of a diagnostic device to provide rapid detection of bed bug infestations.

Perennial field margins for vegetable rotation

Perennial field margins with combined ecological and agronomical benefits for vegetable rotation schemes

Tests for Multiple Drugs with Complex Maximum Residue Limits (MRLs)

Development of screening tests for multiple drugs with complex Maximum Residue Limits (MRLs)

Immune suppression

Optimization of biological control strategies through disruption of pest immune responses

Disease cost sharing

Assessing the costs of future exotic animal disease outbreaks

Pollinators as delivery agents

Feasibility study into the potential of crop pollinators to act as delivery agents of entomopathogenic fungi

Mixed Halogenated Dioxins

Mixed halogenated dioxins and biphenyls in food

Formation of 2-alkyl cyclobutanones

Literature review and practical investigation into the potential formation of 2-alkyl cyclobutanones in non-irradiated food

Masked mycotoxins

Determination of masked Fusarium mycotoxins in cereals and cereal-based food

Brominated Flame Retardant (BFR) Mass Balance Study

Mass Balance study to quantify existing Brominated Flame Retardants (BFRs) and identify unknowns, in food and feed.