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TBCGIS017 Employment Land 2016 v1

Land for employment purposes

TBC012 Planning Enforcement Actions 2016v1

Areas of enforcment action

TBCGIS014 Tree Preservation Orders 2016 v1


TBCGIS011 Planning Appeals 2016 v1

Planning Appeals

TBCGIS014 Planning Constraints 2016 v1

Planning policy constraints

TBCGIS018 Policies Map 2016 v1

Planning policies

Ancient Monuments in Tamworth BC

Location of Ancient Monuments in Tamworth

Tamworth Borough Council - Local Authority Land

Tamworth Borough Council owned land and property assets (excluding Social Housing). Published as part of the Transparency Agenda.


Tamworth BC Brownfield Register January 2018 All brownfield sites identified as of January 2018

Public Toilets Tamworth

Public toilets run by Tamworth Borough Council.

Tamworth BC Dog Control Orders 2016 v1

Land subject to Dog Control Orders

TBCGIS015 Residential Land 2016 v1

Planning policy residential land

Tamworth Borough Council INSPIRE OGC WMS service


Tamworth BC Cemeteries

Cemetery land in Tamworth