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Longer Separation Allowance Report

Details for reconciliation of accounts

P60 Databases

Details of historic P60 information

Payments Processing Database

Archive of details of payments to third parties medical and other support to war pensioners

Customer Information System

Details of war pension information drawn from casework

Unmarried Partner Database

Details of awards made to unmarried partners of Service Personnel who have died in service.

War Pensions Act 758 Database

Details special report of information relevant to war pension tribunal hearings

Armed Forces Pension Scheme Liability Calculation Documentation

Liability Calculation Documentation

Combat Stress / Remedial Treatment

Details of remedial treatment payments for war pensioners.

Separated Service Planning Tool Centre

Details of Royal Navy and Royal Marines days away from base port to ensure separated service levels not exceeded; matches competencies to positions and highlights course needs

Xafinity Paymaster Penserver Unit

Details of pensions and other payments made by payment agent

Monthly Static Data System Data

Authoritative Defence Finance Management System reference data

Indian Seaman Database

Details of war pension claims by widows of Indian Seamen

File Received Lists CLBI

Details of welfare customer personal information

Audit of Pensions in Payment

Audit of Pensions in Payment

Debt Management Recoveries and Write Offs Databases - Fraud Data

Details of debt management, recoveries, write-offs and casework.

IT Incident Log

Infrastructure incidents impacting Finance business. Now very rarely used.

Vantive Help Desk Incident Management

Details of IT Helpdesk calls requiring resolution

Annual Salary Extract

Details of high value annual salaries for HM Treasury

Armed Forces Compensation Scheme Appeals Table

Details of compensation appeals hearings

Civil Procedures Cases

Details of Appeals cases