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National Greenspace Map (WMS)

This service displays data from the dataset identifying greenspace areas for all urban areas >3000 population as per Census 2001 Output Areas, with a 500m buffer applied to the urban fringe....

Waste Incinerator

Map showing the location of wste incinerator sites in Scotland which are authorised with SEPA

Waste Landfill Closed

Closed landfill sites

Sub Basin Districts

WFD Sub Basin Districts for Scotland


SEPA Air Monitoring sites in Scotland

River Basin Districts

The river basin districts, required for the Water Framework Directive, covering Scotland and parts of England. River basin districts are the areas of land and sea, made up of one or more...

Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) Utility and Governmental Services

This download service provides spatial data relating to: - SEPA Licensed Sites

Air Quality Management Areas

Locations of Air Quality Management Areas in the City of Edinburgh Council area

ROS - Cadastral Parcels View Service (WMS)

INSPIRE Cadastral Parcels is a dataset maintained and produced by the Registers of Scotland to comply with the INSPIRE Directive. It is a sub-set of the Cadastral Map and contains the location of...

Scottish Government Statistical Units Download Service (ATOM)

This download service provides spatial data relating to statistical units held by the Scottish Government.

Census Total Pop, by 5yr age bands, local authority 2011

This Council area boundary dataset was created December 2013 by NRS Geography branch. The dataset has been cliipped to MHW and inland water has been removed. If users want details of the complete...

Flare Zones

This GIS Layer details the Flare Zones within the Highland Council Area. A Flare Zone is an administrative area referred to within the operations for Environmental Health. Flare is the Information...

National Forest Inventory Woodland GB 2016

Summary The NFI definition of woodland is a minimum area of 0.5 hectares under stands of trees with, or with the potential to achieve, tree crown cover of more than 20% of the ground. Areas of...

All Sources (within agglomerations) Noise Contours Lnight Round 2

Data indicating the level of noise according to the strategic noise mapping of consolidated sources (roads, railways, airports and industry) within areas with a population of at least 100,000...

Polling Places - Scotland

A ‘polling place’ is defined as the building or area in which a polling station will be located. A ‘polling station’ is the room or area within the polling place where voting takes place. Unlike...

Vacant and Derelict Land

Areas of land which were previously developed, and that now lie vacant or derelict

Perth & Kinross Primary School Catchment Areas

Boundaries for primary school catchment areas excluding Roman Catholic schools

Agricultural Parishes

Agricultural parishes are based on Civil Parishes which were abolished as an administrative unit in Scotland in 1975. Agricultural parishes continue to be used for boundary and statistical...

Urban Rural Classification

The Scottish Government (SG) Urban Rural Classification provides a consistent way of defining urban and rural areas across Scotland. The classification aids policy development and the understanding...


Waste Monitoring Sites in Scotland