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Mineral Consultation Areas

MCA boundaries are co-terminous with MSAs. Within the MCAs district councils should consult the County Council, as the minerals planning authority, over any proposals for significant development...

Registered Common Land

This data provides a detailed outline of the location and extent of sites designated as registered common land

Permitted mineral reserves

Sites in Northamptonshire permitted for minerals development

Non-designated Heritage Assets (listed buildings)

"Listed Buildings are either designated Grade I: buildings of exceptional interest, sometimes considered to be internationally important; Grade II: buildings that are particularly important,...

Town or Village Greens

This data provides a detailed outline of the location and extent of sites designated as town or village greens

Minerals of Local and National Importance

RIGS are locally designated sites of local, national and regional importance for geodiversity (geology and geomorphology) in the UK

Statutory Safeguarding Zones

Safeguarding zones split into surface, sub-surface and overall limts of safeguarding. Please see Safeguarding Guidance note attached in e-mail.

Environmental Management Facilities (waste disposal and recovery)

Sites in Northamptonshire permitted for waste development

Local flood risk management strategy areas

Results of Prioritisation Assessment on a ward basis for receptors at risk of flooding from all sources in Northamptonshire

Local Landscape Character Areas

This data provides a detailed strategic understanding of the county in terms of its evolution, its modern visual and perceptual qualities, the character of its habitats and land cover and the...

Premises database/land and property assets

Polygons of all NCC Property and Land Interests including Freehold, leased In, Licence In and Dedicated. These polygons are reference to NCC's Unique Property Reference Number.

Minerals Safeguarding Areas

MSAs are areas of mineral resources of economic importance safeguarded from sterilisation by incompatible non-mineral development. Development of a significant nature within a MSA will have to...