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North Somerset Council spend over £250

North Somerset Council spending over £250


This is a link to Constitution document for North Somerset Council.

Avon Wildlife trust reserves

Information on all the wildlife trust reserves in Avon.

Care homes

Full details on all care homes.

Planning applications

Planning applications

Children centres

A list of all data relating to children centres.


A complete list of all primary and secondary schools in North Somerset.

Member allowances

Details of Councillor allowances and expense claims.Councillors are not paid a salary or wages, but they are entitled to allowances and expenses to cover some of the costs of carrying out their...

Church yards

A list of all church yards.

Public toilets

Public toilet facilities in North Somerset

Specialist sexual health clinics

All practices with specialist sexual health GP's

Mobile library

Details on the location and days of the moblie library.

Non-domestic rates local new businesses

New local businesses subject to business rates for the previous month.

Non-domestic rates current reliefs

Non-domestic rates current reliefs

Non-domestic rates all accounts

All non-domestic rates accounts

Trade Union Facility Budget

A basic estimate of spending on Trade Unions at North Somerset Council

Controlled parking spaces

The number of marked out controlled on-street parking spaces are calculated from the combined length of all parking bays recorded on our GIS systems and is an approximation. The number marked out...

North Somerset Council land and Buildings

Land and Buildings owned by North Somerset council

Premises Licensing

Premises Licensing


Hospitals in North Somerset