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Camden Smoking Profile 2015

This public health intelligence profile describes trends and patterns in smoking prevalence and smoking cessation efforts in Camden. This profile will support and inform: service delivery and...

External Better Homes Programme

Waiting on metadata

Camden Council Spend Over 500 GBP

This dataset comprises of all the London Borough of Camden's financial transactions over £500 since 2010. The information includes the payment date, payment amount and payment beneficiary.

CS RIB No 02 ' ONS 2011 Census First Release' FINAL ( Jul 12)

Briefing paper on the initial results for Camden from the 2011 Census (PDF).

Parking Services Penalty Charge Notices 2012-13

This dataset contains transactional penalty charge notice data held in the London Borough of Camden's parking management system; inclusive of penalty charge notices issued by Civil Enforcement...


This public health factsheet describes facts, assets, and strategies related to alcohol health impacts in Camden.

Camden Alcohol Profile 2013

This public health intelligence profile describes the trends and patterns in alcohol-related and alcohol-specific hospital admissions in Camden.

Settlement Agreements 201516

This report outlines the Council’s approach to the use of settlement agreements and the number and value of settlement agreements entered into by the Council for 2015/2016

2018 Annual School Places Planning Report (Primary and Secondary)

School places planning projections are reviewed by the authority every year. This report highlights the 2018 current capacity and pressures within the borough, projected future demand and any...

Camden Social Capital Survey 2008 Final Report

Social capital can be defined as the shared norms and co-operative relationships that help us to get along together as a society. It is the social glue that enables us as individuals to cooperate...

Camden Dementia Profile

This public health intelligence profile describes the trends and patterns in the prevalence of dementia in Camden. It is one of a series of profiles on Mental Health.

Town Centre and Employment

This dataset comprises of shopping, commercial and industrial areas across the London Borough of Camden. The dataset contains six types of boundary; each type consists of one or more polygons:...

Blashford Fire Risk Assessment August 2017

Blashford Fire Risk Assessment August 2017

Camden Scheme for Financing Schools

Camden Scheme for Financing Schools

Contracts with a value of over 5000 GBP

Under the Local Government Transparency Code, local authorities must publish details of any contract, commissioned activity, purchase order, framework agreement and any other legally enforceable...

Population LATEST

Quick guide to latest population data for Camden, contains links to other documents and data.

Presentation Of Residents' Survey Results To RCP Scrutiny Committee, February 2013

Presentation of analysis with some commentary of the full Residents' Survey 2012.

Mullen Tower Fire Risk Assessment

Mullen Tower Fire Risk Assessment

Camden Open Data Challenge

Camden Open Data Challenge

2011 Census KS And QS Tables - Camden, LAs And Above

This is a complete set of 2011 Census Key Statistics (KS) and Quick Statistics (QS) tables for Camden and local authorities and higher geographies. THIS IS A ZIP file that needs to be downloaded...