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The extent of the North Durham Green Belt defined in County Durham. The boundaries shown have been adopted in District Local Plans. The boundary of the Green Belt will be re-defined through the...


An area identified in order to ensure consultation between the relevant District Planning Authority, the Minerals Industry and Durham County Council before certain non-mineral planning applications...

Vacant Commercial Properties in County Durham

Vacant commerical properties in County Durham as at 8th october 2018.

Household waste recycling centres

A dataset showing Durham County Council 12 Household Waste Recycling Centres with easting and northing coordinates. There is a statutory obligation under the Environment Protection Act 1990,...

CCTV camera locations

Spatial dataset of all council managed surveillance camera CCTV locations across County Durham. Covert and re-deployable camera locations are not shown for operational and legal reasons. Schools...

Public libraries

Spatial dataset of public libraries owned by Durham County Council.  Further information ------------------- To find out more about public libraries click on the following link:...

One Point Service Hubs

Spatial dataset of One Point Service Hub locations from which services to children and families are co-ordinated, managed and delivered within County Durham. Please...

Customer Access Points

Spatial dataset of Durham County Council Customer Access Points. Please...

Park and ride sites

Spatial dataset of park and ride sites in County Durham. Please see []( for more information.

Salt bins

Location of salt bins in County Durham.  Further information  -------------------- To find out more about salt bins, visit: [](

Water safety equipment locations

Spatial dataset of water safety equipment locations owned and maintained by Durham County Council. Dataset no longer updated.

Footfall around Durham University

Data around footfall at Durham University

Public conveniences

Location of public conveniences within County Durham including easting and northings. Further information  -------------------- To find out more about public toilets you can visit:...


The location of diffusion tubes used to assess the levels of nitrogen dioxide at road or near to the road side in the Durham County Council Local Authority area.


Statutory areas of special architectural or historic interest, the character or appearance of which it is desirable to preserve or enhance as defined in the 1967 Civic Amenities Act.


An area where the air quality has been assessed and the levels of nitrogen dioxide, a pollutant that occurs from vehicle exhaust emissions, exceed the National Air Quality Objective.

Traffic Web Cameras

Spatial dataset of Durham County Council managed traffic web camera locations. Addtional information --------------------- Please...

State funded schools

Spatial dataset of state funded schools in County Durham, including academies. Please see []( for more information.

Children's Centres

Spatial dataset of children's centres within County Durham for children aged under five and their families. Please...

Public leisure centres

Spatial dataset of public leisure centres, which are owned by Durham County Council.  Further information ------------------- To find out more about leisure centres, click on the following link...