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Private Water Supplies

Monitored private water supplies in Chiltern district

Village Greens

Village Greens in Chiltern District

Strategic Cultural Areas

Strategic cultural areas (SCA) or zones mapped as part of the Authority’s Local Development Framework

Compulsory Purchase Orders

Land or property obtained without the consent of the owner, often for highway development purposes.

Article 4 Directions

Details of Article 4 Directions within Chiltern District see for details

Aircarft Safeguarding Zones

Civil Aviation safeguarding zones within Chiltern district

HS2 Safeguarding Zones

October 2013 Safeguarding Zone. Split into Surface, Sub-Surface and overall limits of Safeguarding. Refer to Fields section for details about sections.Captured against 1:1,250 OS Mastermap.

Section 106 Agreements

Planning obligations under Section 106 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 (as amended), commonly known as s106 agreements, are a mechanism which make a development proposal acceptable in...

Tree Preservation Orders

Details of TPO's in Chiltern District

Parking Zones

Designated parking zones in Chiltern District

Strategic Industrial Locations

Areas for business, general industrial and storage or distribution development. CDC Local Plan Policy E2.

Noise Abatement Zones

Noise abatement zone in Chiltern District