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Homelessness prevention and relief

Annual figures for each local authority in England on the outcomes of actions to prevent or relieve homelessness. This data brings together the returns for each local authority, from 2009-10 to...

Peterborough Public Toilets

Dataset detailing locations and type of public toilets in Peterborough

Accessibility of services to affordable and student housing provision

This dataset looks at the accessibility of services to the location of affordable and student accommodation

Renewable Energy Completions and Commitments 2014

Data on the renewable energy completions and commitments in Cambridgeshire for the monitoring year 01/04/2013-31/03/2014. This data is based on planning applications to district councils and the...

Local Housing Allowance rates

This data sets out levels of support with housing costs, known as the Local Housing Allowance (LHA) rate, for 2013-14, 2014-15, 2015-16, 2016-17 and 2017-18 The Allowance is set for different...

Air Quality Data from UK-AIR

This data is downloaded from UK-AIR database from the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs. The data supplied contains the daily average pollutant reading for Ozone, Nitrogen Oxide,...

Cambridgeshire Insight data on

Cambridgeshire Insight data on is the government platform for releasing public data to help people understand how government works and how policies are made.

Cambridge City Mid 2010 Population Estimates

Spreadsheet of Mid 2010 population estimates for Cambridge City. The data is of estimates of the total population by ward for 2001 and 2010. There is also the percentage change in population for...

County Councillors

Cambridgeshire County Council has 69 councillors, referred to as elected members. There people represent the views and concerns of the people of Cambridgeshire, and their electoral division. The...

EU referendum results

Voting totals for the UK EU referendum held on Thursday 23 June 2016. More details at

Peterborough Firework licence-registration holders - Type 3 and 4 explosives

Dataset detailing firework licence holders in Peterborough inc name, address and licence number

Road Traffic Collisions: Location

Information on collisions across Cambridgeshire. Data includes location, number of people and vehicles involved, road surface, weather conditions and severity of any casualties. Data is currently...

Cambridgeshire Population Forecasts 2012

The Cambridgeshire Research Group produces population forecasts for Cambridgeshire. Forecasts are for the years 2016, 2021, 2026 and 2031. The figures presented here are a summary set and not for...

Peterborough Fraud investigation

No description provided

Local Housing Allowance changes

Published after reforms to the Local Housing Allowance setting process made in 2011, this data relates to private rented housing across Cambridgeshire and West Suffolk. Local Housing Allowance...

Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR)

Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR) is an airborne mapping technique, which uses a laser to measure the distance between the aircraft and the ground.

Council tax statistics for town and parish councils

Summary of all local precepting authorities in England 2016-17 Average Band D Council Tax levels set by parishes in England, from 2012-13 to 2016-17 Council tax data for parishes in each local...

Dwelling type, accommodation type and central heating by tenure in Cambridgeshire 2011

Dwelling type and accommodation type and central heating by tenure in Cambridgeshire based on 2011 census. Data downloaded from Nomis. Geographies: super output area - middle layer

Community Orchards

A data set showing the location of community orchards in the South Cambridgeshire district

Cambridgeshire County Council Website Statistics

Statistics from the website