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Bristol City Council Planning Applications

A yearly snapshot of Bristol City Council Planning Applications. This dataset is updated weekly and provides a years worth of data.

Highways resurfacing

Extents of highway resurfacing activity with details including surfacing type and year completed.

Tree Preservation Orders

A Tree Preservation Order is an order made by a local planning authority in England to protect specific trees, groups of trees or woodlands in the interests of amenity. An Order prohibits the...

Bristol River water quality

River quality monitoring data (chemical,physical and bacteriological parameters tested) from 1994. The laboratory analysis & reporting can take up to a couple of months to be available.

Traffic Survey Location

Locations of transport surveys carried out by the Transport Studies Team.

Bristol River Site National Grid References

Bristol River Site National Grid References for use with Bristol river water quality data.

Recycling Banks

This dataset comprises point data showing the location of recycling points within the City of Bristol and what wastes are accepted at each specific location.

Bristol City Council e-Petitions

Bristol's ePetitioner allows you to support a petition by adding your name and address online.

Bristol City Council Events

Bristol plays host to hundreds of events each year, from local street parties to large-scale sporting events like the Half-Marathon. This feed provides a list of these events.

Allotment sites

Allotment site boundaries.

Article 4 Directions

This dataset comprises polygon data used to record areas within Bristol subject to Article 4 Directions. National legislation allows for Directions under Article 4 of the Town and Country...

Asset Register and Land Ownership

This dataset comprises polygon data showing the spatial extents of land and property in which Bristol City Council has a legal interest .

Bristol River quality biological monitoring

River quality monitoring data (macro invertebrates) from 1995.

Abandoned Shopping Trolleys in Bristol rivers

Annual survey of number of abandoned supermarket trolleys in Bristol rivers from 2005.

Tree Sponsorship

Positions of trees available for sponsorship within the City.

Secondary school areas of first priority

This datasets contains the boundaries of the areas of first priortiy for secondary schools. Each school is given an area of priority and children that live within that area are given priority...

Bristol City Council INSPIRE WMS

Web Map Service (WMS) providing access to INSPIRE datasets held by Bristol City Council. This service replicates the individual datasets listed under NOTE: Upon accessing the...

Designated car parks

Designated car parks are areas of land set aside for parking, within an established parking area. Designated car parks are for the exclusive use of tenants and leaseholders.

Neighbourhood partnerships May 2016

Neighbourhood Partnership areas for the New Ward Boundaries proposed by LGBCE from May 2016.

Solar Potential

This dataset comprises polygon data which shows an assessment of building roofs within the Bristol area for suitability for the installation of solar panels. This provides a general indication of...