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Camden Parking Suspensions

This dataset contains the location of parking spaces in Camden as well as if they're currently suspended or will be in the future.

Transaction Data

Transaction Data shows how many customer applications we completed in the previous month. We publish 5 different versions of this dataset. They're normally available to download on the 15th day of...

MOT test centres in Great Britain

List of all active MOT vehicle testing stations in England, Scotland and Wales, including their address, contact number and classes of vehicles they're authorised to test.

Workforce profile of Leeds City Council

A dataset providing a snapshot of the workforce profile of Leeds City Council.  Further information ------------------- * FTE - Full time equivalent, these are the hours worked by one employee...

Input indicator: local authorities working with troubled families

This indicator reports the percentage of local authorities who have begun to identify and work with troubled families in their area as part of DCLG's programme. #### How the figure is...

Impact indicator: troubled families

Percentage of Troubled Families local authorities have identified and are committed to working with #### How the figure is calculated: The figure is the number of all troubled families that...