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Air Safety Information Management System (ASIMS)

ASIMS is tri-service occurrence reporting system used to record and manage Air Safety occurrences and Hazard Observations across the Military Air Environment

Case management system for recording FOI requests

Access Database recording details of FOI requests, including name and contact details of requestor.

Information Management Physical Records System (IMPReS)

Hosted by Iron Mountain: ICMS manages the physical records (circa 3.7 million) held by Iron Mountain on behalf of DECC. Purpose: Utilised to locate, retrieve and track all DECC's physical assets,...

Habitat Networks (England)

This is a spatial dataset that describes the geographic extent and location of Habitat Networks for 18 priority habitats based primarily, but not exclusively, on the priority habitat inventory with...

Customer Relationship Management System

Customer Relationship Management System contains details of individuals and organisations that have made contact with the regulator since 2006. This will include personal details and will include...

Customer Contact Records system

Student Loans Company Limited's Customer Contact operational data. Contains data on contacts made by customers.

Investment Risk Management System

Stores NEST investment profile information, not actual investments. No commercial or personal information. Used to monitor the market risk levels of portfolio's

Asbestos Notifications System (ANS)

Notification is required of particular work, requiring an asbestos licence, under the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 (and previous regulations). This database stores information on...

Corporate Operational Information system

Corporate Operational Information system holds the following information: Around 325,000 company/site records (as at 19/08/2013) which capture the work of the Health & Safety Executive (HSE)...

IT Portfolio Corporate Information Systems

The Information Technology (IT) Portfolio Corporate Information Systems (CIS) dataset lists the IT projects derived from CIS expenditure; these projects typically are for Environment-Agency-wide...

Ethical & Social Governance System

Used to monitor underlying stocks that form part of some funds. No commercial or personal information. Used to monitor the risk (such as use of child labour, association with tobacco, etc.)...

HSE Resource Management system

The Resource Management system holds the following information: Information on current staff and former employees for the purposes of general, human resources and financial management. These...

Countryside Stewardship Scoring Woodland Priority Habitat Network England 2016/2017

This dataset was used for scoring Higher Tier Countryside Stewardship applications for Woodland Creation in England for 2016/17 where points were available for Biodiversity objectives....

Finance system ("MENTOR") - general ledger and sub ledgers

Transactional financial information.

Animal Health and Welfare Maintenance and Enforcement System (AMES)

The Animal Health and Welfare Maintenance and Enforcement System (AMES) is a record of enforcement activity showing where local authorities have carried out inspections of premises (includes names...

National Offender Management Service incident reporting system

The system for recording incidents in prison custody including self-harm and assaults.

eAML2 Pig Movement System - cross border moves

Data reports on cross border moves of pig movements. The countries reported on are England, Scotland and Wales. Figures reported are total movements to destination country and total animals moved...

Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning system known as Adelphi

Enterprise Resource Planning system containing all Home Office HR, procurement and financial information.

eAML2 Pig Movement System - moves by premises type

Data reports on pig movements by premises type in England, Scotland and Wales. Premises types include: farm to slaughter; farm to farm; farm to market; market to farm; market to slaughter; other;...

Drinking Water Inspectorate (DWI) sequel database system

Drinking Water Inspectorate (DWI) information related to water company drinking water quality technical data and associated information. Data collected from local authorities describing private...