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Pupil absence in Schools in England by gender (referenced by location of pupil residence)

Absence of day pupils in schools in England. The dataset includes the total number of day pupils of compulsory school age, the total number of possible pupil sessions (also known as pupil half...

MMO1073 Potential Future Beneficial Use Locations

This dataset details the potential locations for future beneficial use of dredged material within the South marine plan area. Records have been digitised for specific stretches of coast in the...

Water safety equipment locations

Spatial dataset of water safety equipment locations owned and maintained by Durham County Council. Dataset no longer updated.

Foodbank Voucher Distribution locations

Location of food voucher collection locations, captured as point dataset. Upon accessing this Licensed Data you will be deemed to have accepted the terms of the Public Sector End User Licence -...

Cycle Hire and Hub Locations

This dataset contains approximate locations of Cycle Hub (cycle storage) and Cycle Hire facilities.

Sunderland Schools Locations 2010

List of all Schools - Nursery, Infants, Juniors, Primary, Secondary and Special Schools.

Thurrock Air Quality Management Locations

The dataset shows the locations of air quality monitoring carried out within the Borough of Thurrock. The dataset shows current monitoring site as well as historical (closed) sites. Upon accessing...

FODC Defibrillator Locations

Locations of defibrillators throughout the FODC district area

Location of educational establishments

Grid referenced location of educational establishments Source: Department for Education and Skills (DfES), ONS Access to Services Team Publisher: Neighbourhood Statistics Geographies: Grid...

MUDC AED Locations

Location of AED Locations that has been development in association with Mid Ulster Council. These are offered by both council facilities and community/ business buildings therefore their...

Temporary CCTV Locations

This dataset contains the locations of permanent CCTV cameras in the Edinburgh Council area. The temporary CCTV locations are found on street lights with all-weather power sockets for the CCTV...

Pupil attainment at Key Stage 3 by Gender (referenced by location of educational institution)

National Curriculum Key Stage 3 (KS3) test results for pupils in maintained schools in England. The dataset includes the total number of pupils taking KS3 tests and the percentage of pupils...

Camden Public Wi-Fi Locations

This dataset contains the location of public WiFi hotspots across the London Borough of Camden.

Public Access Wi-Fi locations

The data set shows locations where public access Wi-Fi is avalible.

CCTV Traffic Enforcement - camera locations

This dataset contains details of CCTV cameras installed by the London Borough of Barnet for the purporse of traffic enforcement. **PLEASE NOTE: A dataset of the locations of CCTV cameras installed...

Location of allotments in Newcastle Upon Tyne

There are around 3500 allotment plots in Newcastle on 69 sites including Freeman sites / Duke of Northumberland and Privately owned sites. Allotment sites in Newcastle are self-managed by...

Derby City Polling Station Locations

Information on the location and postal address of polling stations within Derby City.

Location of Schools in the London Borough of Sutton

Location, name and type of school in the London Borough of Sutton.

Camden Air Quality Monitoring Locations

This dataset contains the approximate locations of diffusion tube and sensors for monitoring air quality across the London Borough of Camden.

Milton Keynes Council Office Locations

Office locations in Milton Keynes.