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Abundance of pollinators and diversity of bees in Ghana and the effect of urbanisation and management practices

Data consists of abundance counts and diversity of pollinators collected in Ghana. Pollinators were sampled with pan-traps between August and November 2016 in 126 greenspaces spread over an...

Web map service for bee nectar plant diversity of Great Britain

This web map service shows bee nectar plant richness across Great Britain . The source data uses counts of bee nectar plants in Countryside Survey area vegetation plots in 2007 and extrapolates to...

HR Resourcing Database

Contains details of vacancies advertised, diversity information of applicants, details of pre-appointment checks completed for successful candidates

Department for Education Workforce File

List of named employees on Department for Education payroll including grades, locations, salaries, date of birth, diversity markers and other personal data.


SAP is an HR core management system, holds HR records. Data stored -Diversity Data; National Insurance Nos; Bank Details.

Performance Management

Process of liaison with DG's to establish Performance Review marking for staff across the department. Linked to diversity data including age, gender, disability, ethnicity.

Financial and performance data on individual providers of Offender Learning and Skills Service and Nextsteps

Financial and performance data on individual providers of Offender Learning And Skills Service and Nextsteps

Individual heath area estimates for land cover types in Dorset: 1978-2005

This dataset is a census of the heathland and associated vegetation from Dorset, UK. The Dorset heathlands are situated in South West England, and are generally associated with free-draining and...

Special Advisers' Meetings with External Organisations Individuals January 2020 to December 2021

This dataset contains details of Special Advisers' Meetings with External Organisations / Individuals

Service Complaints

RNAS Yeovilton. Equality and Diversity files complaint Documentation which is held electronically and in some instances in hard copy. Completed cases are scanned and saved as records.

People Facts

Publication of management information including workforce planning, sick absence and equality and diversity data in a BI Publisher booklet with automatic redaction in line with requirements of DPA.

OS Names API

With OS Names API, you’ll have access to a straightforward, rapid lookup service: drilling down into the details we hold in our OS Open Names dataset. The API uses the OS Open Names dataset, a...

Impacts of experimental drought and plant trait diversity on floral resources and pollinator visitation

The floral resources provided to pollinators by different sown plant experimental plant communities were assessed under ambient and experimental drought conditions. The dataset includes the...

Pollinators in oilseed rape fields in relation to local plant diversity and landscape characteristics

The number and type of pollinators in winter-sown oilseed rape fields (Brassica napus L.) in relation to local plant diversity (in crop and field margin) and landscape characteristics. Pollinators...

Bird abundance and diversity data from Sheffield green spaces in summer 2018

The data records bird species and number in different green spaces within Sheffield City Region during June and July 2018. Activity of individual birds is also noted. Ten green spaces (parks) were...

NI 001 - Percentage of people who believe people from different backgrounds get on well together in their local area

People who believe people from different backgrounds get on well together in their local area. The indicator aims to measure the economic and cultural benefits of diversity are experienced by...

Defra Group overview of datasets on 23 February with themes

This file was created from the nightly data dumps from 23 February 2016 It was used it to build an understanding of the diversity of data that Defra Group publishes and apply themes at...

Department for Transport Equality Monitoring Annual Summary

An analysis of staff diversity, for staff in post. The analysis looks at staff in post, cessations, grievances and discipline, training, sickness absence, performance markings and recruitment, and...

Fire and Rescue Service Operational Statistics

Statistics relating to the operational issues affecting fire and rescue services in England. It includes information on personnel, equality and diversity, health and safety, and operational...

Police transformation fund

The police transformation fund is intended to transform policing by investing in digitalisation, a diverse and flexible workforce and new capabilities to respond to changing crimes and...