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GPC Spend transactions by ESRC

A monthly updated list of all GPC Transactions made by ESRC as part of the Governments commitment in expenditure.

Ministerial gifts, hospitality, travel and meetings with external organisations in the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills

A quarterly-updated list of all gifts and hospitality received, overseas travel undertaken by ministers and all meetings between ministers and external organisations.

HMRC Business Plan Indicator and Quarterly Data Summary

Business plan indicators are initial management information to provide an indication of HMRC's performance, and are therefore subject to revision and audit. Final performance figures will be made...

Food and Feed Businesses subject to Intensified Official Controls

A list of companies exporting to the European Union currently made subject by the European Commission to Intensified Official Controls (those with the statuses ‘Active’, ‘Imposing checks’ or ‘New’...

HM Revenue & Customs Board Members' Business Expenses

Information on business expenses incurred by HMRC's Board members. HMRC publishes information about business expenses incurred by HMRC Board Members, on a quarterly basis.

Aggregate spend with individual suppliers via GPS Frameworks

A ranking of how much business is being transacted with suppliers across government via GPS Frameworks

Special advisers in the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills: gifts and hospitality received, senior media meetings

A quarterly-updated list of all gifts and hospitality received by special advisers and senior media meetings.

Procurement Card Transactions

All procurement card transactions made by Calderdale Council. Amount paid shown net of VAT. This information is published as part of the [Local Government Transparency...

Purchase Order Transactions

A Purchase Order is a document sent by the Council to a supplier indicating types, quantities, and agreed prices for products or services. Acceptance of a purchase order forms a contract between...

Purchase Card Transactions

The reports in this section list all transaction on our Government Procurement Cards.

Procurement card transactions

Procurement card transactions at Scarborough Borough Council.

Procurement Card Transactions

Rochdale Borough Council DOES NOT use Government Procurement Cards.

Procurement card transactions

Wakefield Council transactions using procurement cards. Details include * date of the transaction * local authority department which incurred the expenditure * beneficiary * amount * ...

Farm Business Survey (FBS)

Collection of information about English and Welsh farmers and growers to inform them, the agricultural and horticultural industries, government and the general public about the state of their...

Crime against business premises

Statistics on extent of crime against businesses in the wholesale & retail, accommodation & food, arts, entertainment & recreation, and agriculture, forestry & fishing sectors taken...

Home Office business plan

Sets out the information that will enable the public to assess the value for money and productivity of the services for which we are responsible, holding us more effectively to account. This...

Farm Business Survey incomes

Presents income figures based on results from the Farm Business Survey. Source agency: Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Designation: National Statistics Language: English Alternative...

Data on business critical assets

List of Information & Business critical assets held within  individual MUs

Business continuity/emergency plans

Business Continuity/Emergency Plans - CD staff contact details. Name, out of hours contact telephone numbers.

Data on business critical IT systems

List of business critical IT systems owned by individual MUs