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Sunderland Listed Buildings

Property within the City of Sunderland which has been granted listed status because of special architectural or hstoric interest.

Nationally Listed Buildings

This layer shows the locally listed buildings in Watford

Havant Listed Buildings

Dataset shows Havant Listed Buildings

RBWM Listed Buildings

The dataset shows the location of listed buildings within the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead The sites are recorded as polygons and are indicative only.

Core Office Buildings

showing location of all core council buildings, as defined by Lambeth's Facilities Management team

Real-time energy and CO2 data for DWP headquarters building

Access information on DWP gas and electricity usage and carbon emissions for yesterday, last month or last year.

Real-time energy and CO2 data for BIS headquarters building

Real-time energy consumption and CO2 emmissions data for the Department for Business, Innovation & Skills headquarters building 1 Victoria Street, London, SW1H 0ET. The data is captured every...

House building: Dwellings Started - Local Authority

Housebuilding: permanent dwellings started by tenure and region. Table 231 have been discontinued and are no longer being updated.

NI 035 - Building resilience to violent extremism

The standard of local areas arrangements against a number of key factors: The assessment framework will assesses the quality of Preventing Violent Extremism projects on a scale of 15 against 4 main...

Building Regulations Research Programme Programme Management System (PMS)

PMS is an on-line project management tool / database that manages documents, contracts and outline financial information on Building Regulations research contracts and controls the access and...

Building Works

Wilton Park - Building works undertaken

Listed Buildings

Buildings are listed by Historic Scotland for their special architectural or historic interest on behalf of the Scottish Government. The aim of listing such buildings is to protect or enhance their...

Building Control Areas

Operational areas that the Building Control Department of Barrow Borough Council work within. Areas are recorded as a polygon. The information is now historic and no longer in use. Upon accessing...

Locally Listed Buildings

Locally Listed Buildings within Wyre Forest District.

Locally Listed Buildings

These are buildings within the borough that do not meet the criteria for English Heritage, but are still of historic interest. Placing buildings on the local list draws attention to their local...

Council land and buildings

Land and buildings owned by North Somerset Council

Listed Buildings pai

A large scale, polygonised dataset indicating the presence of a listed building within West Dorset.

Building Control Applications

Data related to all building control applications.

Liverpool Listed Building

Livepool Listed Building polygon locations

Rochford Listed Buildings

This dataset shows the location of Listed Buildings within the Rochford District. Upon accessing this Licensed Data you will be deemed to have accepted the terms of the Public Sector End User...