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Business start-ups and closures: VAT registrations and de-registrations

Presents data on the number of enterprises registering and de-registering for VAT. The stock of VAT-registered enterprises is also included. Source agency: Business, Innovation and...

Results from the 2010 finance survey of mid-cap businesses

Underlying data from the publication Results from the 2010 finance survey of mid-cap businesses [URN 10/P108]

Coronavirus business grant funding by parliamentary constituency and local authority

Data on the number and value of grants to small and medium sized businesses (SMEs) in response to the coronavirus pandemic. The spreadsheet shows the total amount of money that each local...

Tax arrangements for public sector appointees in Department for Business, Innovations and Skills

The data relates to all off pay roll engagements more than £58,200 per annum for BIS and its Partner Organisations as at 31 January 2012. The Government published a review of the tax arrangements...

Civil service people survey results for Department for Business, Innovation and Skills

Autumn survey reports for BIS. Surveys carried out as part of the 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013 Civil Service People Survey, managed by the Cabinet Office on behalf of all the participating...

Report a food problem service - Completion rate and cost per transaction

A breakdown showing completion rates and cost per transactions for the Report a food problem service.

Government Procurement Card Transactions over £500 in Treasury Solicitors Department

A monthly-updated list of Government Procurement Card Transactions over £500 made by Treasury Solicitors Department, as part of the Government's commitment to transparency in expenditure.

Coronavirus grant funding: local authority payments to small and medium businesses

Local authorities have received and distributed funding to support small and medium businesses in England during coronavirus. This spreadsheet shows the total amount of money that each local...

Survey data set on SME employers' use of and barriers to business support

Underlying data from the publication 'Research to understand the barriers to take up and use of business support' [URN 11/1288]. Data from a survey of 1,202 employer SMEs in England undertaken in...

Non-consolidated Performance Related Pay - Department for Business, Innovation and Skills

Publication of information on Non-consolidated Performance Related Pay data for departments and their agencies. Non-consolidated performance related pay is a one-off, non-pensionable lump sum for...

DH Business Expenses

Information on business expenses of all DH permanent secretaries, director generals and non-executive directors. This relates to costs that have been incurred in pursuit of the department’s aims...

Business Adviser Service

Business Advisor Service is an internet-based application which allows people to obtain an indication of their eligibility to a number of benefits, allowances or Tax Credits administered by DWP,...

Parliamentary Business Database

Details of ministerial, official and Freedom of Information correspondence. External person name, SPVA case officer and remarks.

Survey Compliance Costs to Businesses and Local Authorities

HMRC Survey Compliance Costs To Businesses and Local Authorities - This publication contains statistics of HMRC survey compliance costs Source agency: HM Revenue and Customs Designation: National...

Food Standards Agency : Business Appointment Rules

All outside appointments or employment taken up by former HMRC staff at senior civil service levels SCS1 and SCS2.

Business Payment Support Service Dataset (BPSS)

Tax reference level information about Time To Pay requests from taxpayers to HMRC and the Debt Management & Banking (DMB) Directorate. Updated: weekly.

Business Payment Support Service Official Statistics

Statistics relating to HMRC's Business Payment Support Service which provides 'Time to Pay' arrangements to businesses and individuals experiencing difficulties in paying the tax due in full and on...

DFID Government e-payments framework transactions

All DFID GPC transactions made in the United Kingdom above £500 as from October 2011, backdated to April 2011. The transactions for the quarter April-June 2011 are now available and will be...

DFID government e-payments framework transactions

No description provided

GPC Spend transactions by BBSRC

Government Procurement Card spend above £500 for BBSRC. Published in line with government transparency agenda.