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DWP Sustainable Development Annual Report 2009

The Report provides a summary of DWP progress towards Governmnet targets and mandates.

Pupil Foundation Stage Profile: Mathematical development

The proportion of foundation stage children (five year olds) achieving early learning goals in mathematical development based on three measures: Numbers as labels for counting, calculating, shape,...

FCO Prosperity Fund Overseas Development Assistance

The cross Government Prosperity Fund promotes the economic reform and development need in underdeveloped countries. These dataset are cummulative files and provide the spend data since 2016.

Overseas Development Assistance (ODA) International Subscriptions

This file gives details of FCO Core Contributions to International Organisations.

Official Development Assistance (ODA) International Programme

FCO International Programme superceeded the previous programme fund, the FCO Bilateral and Strategic programme fund. These datasets are cumulative and are added to quarterly.

Spend over £25,000 in Children's Workforce Development Council

A monthly updated list of all financial transactions spending over £25,000 made by CWDC, as part of the Government's commitment to transparency in expenditure

Prompt Payment Reporting NHS Trust Development Authority

Prompt Payment Reporting - The Government has announced a requirement for Central Government Departments and Arm’s Length Bodies to publish on a quarterly basis the percentage of invoices paid...

NHS Trust Development Authority Spend Over £25,000.

Spend Over £25,000 made by the NHS Trust Development Authority.

Spend over £500 in West Northamptonshire Development Corporation

A monthly-updated list of all financial transactions spending over £500 made by West Northamptonshire Development Corporation, as part of the Government's commitment to transparency in expenditure....

Spend over £25,000 by Training and Development Agency for Schools

As part of the transparency agenda commitment relating to public expenditure, intended to help achieve better value for money, the Department for Education (DfE) and our Arm’s Length Bodies (ALBs)...

Development Sites

Dataset shows Areas with the London Borough of Lewisham with sites earmarked for major development

Economic Development

Statistics on the Economic Development Scorecard for Plymouth City Council for the year 2106. This data is available yearly.

Village Development

Dataset shows sites for village development within South Ribble

Development Area

Allocated employment land from Boston Borough Council’s 1999 adopted local plan

Development Boundaries

This dataset provides the development boundaries of Darlington.

Development Envelopes

Planning development envelopes

Development Areas

An areas designated as part of the authority's local plan to control the extent of development in or around an urban settlement.

Development Completed

Records all completions of new buildings and refurbishments over 1000 sq m since 1990. More detail provided in the Development Info reports and Development Schedules. Contact Monitoring &...

DFID special advisers gifts, hospitality and meetings returns

The following lists the special advisers gifts (both received and given), hospitality, travel and meetings with external organisations for the Department for International Development.

Public Awareness of Travelwise Northern Ireland Initiatives

Travelwise NI is the Department for Regional Development's (DRD) initiative to encourage people to choose sustainable transport options such as walking, cycling, public transport or car sharing....