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Business Development Records

Records related to the development of Business Opportunities in fusion and related areas.

Salaries and Related Records

Employee pay history records, salary rate registers, salary ledger cards/records

Technology Programme Records

Research Records related to the technology programme at CCFE, researching new advanced technologies and materials for example.

Accommodation and Property Records

Records related to the administration of the property and accommodation on the Culham site.

Hydrological data records

Daily river flow data is available for over 500 river flow sites across England with instantaneous data (recorded every 15 min) available for a sub-section of gauges. Data is usually updated once...

Recorded Flood Outlines

Recorded Flood Outlines is a GIS layer which shows all our records of historic flooding from rivers, the sea, groundwater and surface water. Each individual Recorded Flood Outline contains a...

DCLG DATA4NR: Theft from the person: Recorded offences

Notifiable offences recorded by the police: Theft from the person. Data4NR reference

DCLG DATA4NR: Wounding (not endangering life): Recorded offences

Notifiable offences recorded by the police. Data4NR ref

Record level data on Pioneer places and Core Cities.

For Local Authorities Pioneer Places competition, we are intending to ask those LA’s that we are funding to provide information each month on Total of spend against budgeted capital/programme...

National Record of the Historic Environment

An inventory of sites where recording work or research has been carried out by English Heritage or its predecessor bodies including the former Royal Commission on the Historical Monuments of England.

Customer Contact Records system

Student Loans Company Limited's Customer Contact operational data. Contains data on contacts made by customers.

Finance, Procurement and HR Records

Records stored on our Business Systems.

Account Deletion and Leavers Records

Data pertaining to employees IT accounts i.e. names, asset number…..

Health, Safety and Environment Records

Procedures, records, assessments, reports etc. related to the health and safety of staff and equipment related to the UK fusion programme.

Authority Pension Scheme Records

Records related to the operation of the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority Pension Schemes.

Public Records Office for Northern Ireland (PRONI) Digest of statistics

This regular series of publications brings together key statistics on the Public Record Office for Northern Ireland (PRONI) into a single publication. Source agency: Culture, Arts and Leisure...

DCLG Data4NR: Criminal damage including arson: Recorded offences

Notifiable offences recorded by the police: Criminal damage including arson. Data4NR reference

DCLG Data4NR: Burglary other than a dwelling: Recorded offences

Notifiable offences recorded by the police: Burglary other than a dwelling. Data4NR reference.

ORACLE HRMS (Prison Service and Noms HR record database)

Database containing personal details of all staff at the Prison Service and National Offender Management Service. Such as name, age, address and bank account details. Also includes performance...

Highway Records

Highway status within the OMBC area. For personal, non-commercial use only. Upon accessing this Licensed Data you will be deemed to have accepted the terms of the Public Sector End User Licence -...