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House building: Dwellings Completed - Total

Dwellings built, starts and completions, by tenure, House building: permanent dwellings completed, by tenure, by house and flat, number of bedrooms etc and country.

Monthly Statistics of Building Materials and Components

Provides information on selected building materials and contains monthly data on price indices, bricks, cement and concrete blocks; and quarterly data on sand and gravel, slate, concrete roofing...

Blaby Listed Buildings

Listed Buildings located within the District of Blaby

Listed Buildings Polygons

This dataset represents all the listed buildings that fall withiin the Leeds Mertroplitan Boundary. It includes walls, railings etc

Non-Estate Buildings

shows the boundaries and location of lambeth housing sites

Low Carbon Building Programme phase 1 other streams data run by Buildings Research Establishment

The LCBP-1 Communities database holds all data for Communities streams applications, grant offers and claims. The LCBP-1 Stream 2A database holds all data for Stream 2A applications, grant offers...

Listed Buildings

Buildings are listed by Historic Scotland for their special architectural or historic interest on behalf of the Scottish Government. The aim of listing such buildings is to protect or enhance their...

Demonstrator data of public sector land and building assets

The dataset contains demonstrator information on the name, address, use, tenure and status of public sector land and buildings, provided by willing participants at a point in time. National data...

Impact indicator: energy efficiency of new build housing

Average Standard Assessment Procedure energy rating score #### How the figure is calculated: The sum of SAP energy rating scores for each new home for which an energy performance certificate...

Building Works

Wilton Park - Building works undertaken

Listed Buildings

This dataset contains the Listed Buildings within the City of London. Listed buildings are legally protected for their special architectural and/or historic interest. The older a building is, the...

Listed Buildings

Listed Buildings layer contains the location and description of an object or structure that has been judged to be of national importance in terms of architectural or historic interest and included...

Listed Buildings

Dataset showing Listed Buildings within the Councils administrative area. Areas recorded as polygons and are indicative only. Upon accessing this Licensed Data you will be deemed to have accepted...

Listed Buildings

Data contains point data from English Heritage

listed buildings

Property registered as a Listed Building

Listed Buildings

There are over 350 listed buildings in Leicester, which are subject to special planning controls, and the Council also maintains a 'Local Heritage Asset Register' (more commonly known as the 'Local...

Listed Building

Listed Buildings of 'special architectural or historic interest', and 'Local List' within Wycombe District, polygons

Listed Buildings

shows the boundaries and locations of heritage assets in lambeth

Listed Buildings Northumberland

This interactive World Map Service (WMS) service of Listed Buildings within Northumberland. Listed buildings are legally protected for their special architectural and/or historic interest. The...

Core Office Buildings

Shows the location of the core office buildings used by lambeth council