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Sharp Website Registrations Data

Sharp Website allows for users to register their details for updates. Names, addresses and email addresses held.

Promotional material distribution lists

Promotion material distribution lists - Name, email address, postal address, telephone number, subject interest.

Pooling of Housing Receipts

Information on (a) local authorities' housing receipts (particularly Right to Buy receipts), (b) calculation of what parts are poolable, and (c) the amounts each local authority has actually paid

Press Notice Distribution Data

Press Notice Distribution data. Name, email address, postal address, telephone number. Organisation, subject interest.

Redfern Travel Contract

Information to allow staff of the central Department for Transport to book UK business travel including: names. official address, e-mail address and telephone number.

British Superbike competition data

British Superbike (BSB) competition entry data collected at individual BSB race meetings. Name, email address, home address, telephone number.Data collection ceased.


Correspondence and emails containing names/addresses/postcodes/email addressed to Ministers from MPs and members of the public. 310,000+ records since 1999. Data collection ceased.

OS Linked Identifiers API

The OS Linked Identifiers API allows you to access the valuable relationships between properties, streets and OS MasterMap identifiers (TOIDs). Benefit from the valuable relationship found in OS...

Shared Services Centre (SSC CA)

SSC CA represents the information stored within the Outlook Address Book which contains emails, addresses and telephone numbers for Shared Services Centre staff, DVLA staff and DSA staff.


Chapter - Correspondence and PQ handling system - storing records of correspondence and emails addressed to Ministers from MPs and members of the public and PQs addressed to Ministers by Members of...

Employment tenancies

MS Access database on Anaerobic digestion strategy (ADS) applications/payments Database (Access) and Excel spreadsheet for Agricultural Land Tribunals (ALTs) cases and Gangmasters Licensing...

Central and Local Government Unregistered Land

A list of central and local government land in England, which may not be registered with HM Land Registry (HMLR). HMLR has created this dataset for the Ministry for Housing, Communities and...

Call, incidents and serious incident log - patient level not identified with contacts (including names, addresses)

Call, incidents and serious incident log - patient level not identified with contacts (including names, addresses)

Honours data

Nomination and citation for an Honour: includes name, dob, service info, previous honours + submissions, nationality, address, postcode, telephone. Nomination and citation for Gallantry and Long...

OS Postcodes Data

The United Kingdom's (England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland) postcodes represented as points and polygons. This data is often used for service delivery and statistical analysis. OS Postcodes...

Road Safety Compliance Consultation

Database of names & addresses

Vetting Data on Security Questionnaire Forms

Applicant - name, title, date of birth, place of birth, current and past address, postcode, employer name, nationality, government service history and criminal history. Applicant's partner and...

Stakeholder Management Tool (Connect)

Stakeholder Names, address etc.

Bus Service Operators Grant Claims

Database held on ETHOS used to calculate Bus Service Operators Grant for payment to bus operators. Operator details held are company address, vendor number, contact telephone number and email...

Navy News subscriber database

Navy News - names and addresses of subscribers.