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UKCP09: 25km gridded data Long-term average Mean relative humidity (%)

UKCP09 25 km gridded data for relative humidity Monthly long-term averages for the 1961-1990 climate baseline are also available for the 25 x 25 km grid boxes of the HadRM3 regional climate model....

Details of contracts over £10,000

As part of its commitment to transparency, the Department for Exiting the European Union publishes regular data on its departmental spending, including contracts.


rsdeploy.exe is a command line tool to deploy SQL Server Reporting Services assets. It uses the [Report Server Web Service]( "External...

Agricultural Land Classification detailed Post 1988 survey ALCL01691

Survey name: Doncaster, Doncaster Road, Holme Post 1988 Agricultural Land Classification (ALC) site survey data – scanned original paper maps and survey reports for individual sites surveyed in...

Carlisle City Council planning applications January 2014-January 2015

Planning applications received by Carlisle City Council between January 2014 to January 2015

Agricultural Land Classification detailed Post 1988 survey ALCB02089a

Post 1988 Agricultural Land Classification (ALC) site survey data – scanned original paper maps and survey reports for individual sites surveyed in detail between 1989 and 1999 by the Ministry of...

Complaints case management system (Prisons and Probation Ombudsmen)

Contains personal data about who complainants are, (prisoners, young people in detention, people on probation supervision and people held in immigration detention)the nature of their complaint, the...

UK Biodiversity Indicator C4a, Status of UK priority species - relative abundance

This spreadsheet is the underlying data for the biodiversity indicator C4a, Status of UK priority species - relative abundance. Priorities for species and habitat conservation are set at a country...


Observations collected from Radiosondes using balloons

Fishing Activity for UK Vessels 15m and over 2015

This data set provides summaries of fishing activity for UK commercial fishing vessels of 15m and over in length that are deemed to have been fishing within a specified calendar year. These...

Harrogate District Allotments

Extents of existing and proposed allotment sites in Harrogate District as polygons.

Controlled Parking Zones

This dataset comprises of CPZs (Controlled Parking Zones) across the London Borough of Bromley.

Middle Layer Super Output Area (2011) to Ward (2015) Lookup in England and Wales

Click on the title for more information and to download the file.  (File Size - 518 KB)

Geological map of the Moor House National Nature Reserve

This is a spatial dataset containing polygons representing different geology types in the Moor House National Nature Reserve, northern Pennines, England. The survey was undertaken by G.A.L. Johnson...

Water Body Measures North West River Basin District

Water body measures are the actions which will be taken on the ground to help achieve water body objectives. They are brought about by a range of legal, policy or financial mechanisms and involve...

Forestry Commission England Corporate Plan Performance Indicators Input Indicator 1 supporting dataset

Components of Input Indicator 1: Cost to Forest Services of providing tree health service including surveys and staff time

Sunderland Flood Risk Zones

Areas of flood risks within the City of Sunderland.

Open postcode geo

Open Postcode Geo is a postcode dataset and API optimised for geocoding applications. You can use Open Postcode Geo to geocode a dataset, geocode user input, and therefore build a proximity...

NI 187 Tackling fuel poverty - % of people receiving income based benefits living in homes with a low energy efficiency rating

Fuel poverty is the requirement to spend 10% or more of household income to maintain an adequate level or warmth. The energy efficiency of a house can be measured using the Standard Assessment...

Water Body Status Objectives Northumberland Rivers

Water body status objectives describe the long term aim for specific parts of the water environment. This dataset includes the latest objectives of all water bodies in the Northumberland Rivers...