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Hydrocarbon Oils Bulletin

Provides details of the quantities of products that have had UK excise duty paid on them and revenue receipts. Source agency: HM Revenue and Customs Designation: National...

National Lottery - funds raised for good causes

This report details the fund raised for good causes by the National Lottery. Funds are raised from the sale of National Lottery games and supplemented by items suchs as unclaimed prizes. The funds...

Public Contracts Regulations 2015 - The National Archives

Under r113 of the Public Contracts Regulations 2015, statutory guidance is provided for contracting authorities and suppliers on paying undisputed invoices in 30 days down the supply chain. The...


Dataset contains areas identified having as recreation facilities available to young people such as Multi Use Games Areas, Skateboard Parks and Basketball Courts. It does not denote authority...

Taxable Benefits in Kind and Expense Payments

Information about the taxable benefits in kind paid by employers, including the number of recipients, the taxable value of the benefits and tax and NIC liabilities on them. Previously listed under...

Personal Incomes from tax records

Income earned and tax paid by economic activity. Breakdowns provided for those employed and self-employed. Source: HM Customs and Revenue Publisher: HM Customs and Revenue Geographies: Local...

Department for Transport prompt payment performance

Information on invoice payment performance for the Department for Transport and the transport agencies, including details of invoices paid within 5 working days and invoices paid within 30 working...

Police force Penalty Notice for Disorder (PND) systems (various across the 43 police forces in England & Wales)

Penalty Notices for Disorder (PNDs) issued and paid.

FSA Audits of Approved Meat Establishments

Food Standards Agency (FSA) audits of approved meat establishments (slaughterhouses, cutting plants and game handling establishments) in Britain. For further information, please visit [Food...

Childrens Play Equipment

Childrens and Young Persons Space fixed equipment within Children's Play Grounds (CPG), Wheels Parks, Teen Shelters and Multi-use Games Areas (MUGA) the latter being mainly used by young persons...

Firearms compensation database

Amount of money paid out in compensation following the surrender of hand guns.

National Insurance Contributions and Qualifying Years

This release provides the latest estimates on people who have paid National Insurance contributions since 1978/79. The figures show all the contribution types that a person has paid during the...

Agricultural Price Index

The Agricultural Price Index (API) is a set of indices of the prices paid and received by UK farmers for agricultural goods and services.


Electronic library collating external published content available to FCO staff. The majority of this content is provided on a paid subscription basis.

Home Office prompt payment data

Quarterly data show show the percentage of invoices to Home Office paid within 5 and 30 working days of receipt, from April 2015 onward.

Spend over £25,000 in Export Credits Guarantee Department

A monthly-updated list of invoices over £25,000 that have been paid by Export Credits Guarantee Department (ECGD) as part of the Government's commitment to transparency in expenditure.

Changes affecting employment-related settlement, Tier 5 and overseas domestic workers

Information on changes to immigration rules for Tier 2 workers' settlement, Tier 5 and overseas domestic workers. And the introduction of a new visitor route for permitted paid engagements. 

Pooling of Housing Receipts

Information on (a) local authorities' housing receipts (particularly Right to Buy receipts), (b) calculation of what parts are poolable, and (c) the amounts each local authority has actually paid

Job Preparation Premium

The Job Preparation Premium was a weekly payment made for a maximum of 26 weeks to customers who carried out some form of activity which would help them towards paid employment.

Gambling permits

This dataset shows where permits have been issued for gaming machines in pubs and clubs and also family entertainment centres. The best way to work with this dataset is to save it to your computer...