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Grab log data from North Sea Acoustic Herring survey 2010

Grab log data from the North Sea Acoustic Herring survey during 2010 on the research vessel Scotia. The aim of the survey was obtain information on seabed habitats in the North Sea.


Log of public record accessions to The National Archives. Partly overlaps with the public catalogue information.

Product Health Checks

Health checks contain a buyer behaviour log (containing customer and product purchase details), Product performance records and monthly dashboard.

Facilities Management Compliance

Building Compliance data, including planned preventative maintenance (PPM) records, Statutory Inspections, Building Condition Surveys and Building Log Books

Coal Authority Borehole Log Data.

This dataset is an archive of original data for the geophysical logging of boreholes drilled by the National Coal Board (NCB) and its successor, British Coal Corporation (BCC). Data coverage is UK...

GIS grab log data from West Shetland Shelf

GIS Log data for Quarter 4 International Bottom Trawl Survey to the north and west of Scotland (shelf and slope) aboard the FRV Scotia. This was a Scottish Marine Protected Areas (SMPA) site...

Seabed still images logs and GIS from Solan Bank Reef

Seabed still images logs and GIS from the from Solan Bank Reef cSAC/SCI survey, which was planned with the aim of informing development of a national indicator of ‘Good Environmental Status’...

Survey Enquiry Line call logging system (CLOGGS)

All calls from public, or interviewers are recorded here and passed to other areas for resolution

Data Sharing Register

This dataset is an abridged version of the Information Management and Security Team log of Data Sharing Agreements. The log is used to record, track and report on the various data sharing...

Digital Geophysical Borehole Log Index (RECALL database)

The Geophysical Borehole Log index provides details of all digital geophysical logs available to BGS. The database provides the borehole metadata related to logging and metadata for the logging...

The BGS UK (North) Biostratigraphical Collection Of Graphic Logs

Stored in Murchison House, this dataset (FAUNGRAPHLOG_ED) is the BGS UK (North) collection of paper graphic logs from boreholes and measured natural sections, particularly in the Carboniferous of...


Enquiry logging system for IT, HR and Facilities Helpdesks

HEAT Help Desk database

Database containing all call records logged by ETHOS users.

Map based index (GeoIndex) boreholes with geophysical logs

This layer of the map based index (GeoIndex) shows the location of onshore UK boreholes known to BGS that have digital or paper geophysical borehole logs. The details given for each borehole are,...

Casework Database

All current and 12 months historic complaints and; grievances in a log. Records will not exceed 1000.

Seabed still images log data from Anton Dohrn and East Rockall Bank

Seabed still images log data from Anton Dohrn and East Rockall Bank (2009_07-RVFranklin-AntonDhorn-RockallBank). The cruise 2009_03_MV_Franklin Surveyed two Areas of Search for offshore SACs Anton...

Winter Fuel Tracer System

Database for logging applications for Winter Fuel. Payments and monitoring their progress. Details include Name, National Insurance Number, Address, Date of Birth

Databases holding Defence Imagery and Video.

Defence Imagery Database is used by members of the Ministry of Defence. The Defence News Imagery is used by members of the national press via a secure log on.


DQIR provides Army Personnel Data Management Organisation APDMO with an issues log that can be viewed and updated by any of the APDMO Data Champions spread across the TLB

Microclimate proxy measurements from a logging gradient in Malaysian Borneo

Temperatures recorded 5cm above the forest floor in a gridded design (1 to 13m distance) within three, 1 hectare forest plots in Sabah, Borneo. The dataset also includes air temperature data from a...