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Annual markets information

Dataset showing year round council and private markets. Information includes the name of the market, when it came into existence, opening times and contact details.

Brixton Indoor Market

showing boundary of brixton indoor market in lambeth, as defined by the 2015 proposals map

Labour Market Profiles

A Labour Market profile of an area.

Camden Markets And Kiosks

This dataset contains the location of markets and kiosks in the London Borough of Camden as well as the nearest parking bays to these locations.

Labour Market slides

Unequal impact of COVID-19: BAME disproportionality This slide pack highlights immediate and evolving labour market implications, referencing the specific experience of Black, Asian and Minority...

SurfZone Digital Elevation Model 2019

The SurfZone Digital Elevation Model (DEM) was produced in 2019. Combining LIDAR and near-shore multibeam SONAR Bathymetry elevation data, it is the best currently available Digital Elevation Model...

SurfZone Digital Elevation Model 2014

This dataset has been retired and replaced with Surfzone DEM 2019 dataset available here: The SurfZone Digital...

Market Research

FCO(S) - Customer & Competitor information

Analysis of non-tariff measures in the UK internal market

Research report and accompanying regulatory database identifying and analysing existing non-tariff measures (NTMs) in the UK internal market. The report collects data on regulatory measures...

Focus On The Digital Age

This report gives an overview of the digital age across society and economy in the UK. It shows the extent to which people, education, business and government have taken up information and...

Digital television update

The survey provides data on ownership and acquisition of television sets and other receiving equipment such as set-top boxes.

Digital radio report

This report includes data on digital radio devices' share of radio listening and information on the digital radio coverage project. It is designed to measure current levels of FM and DAB radio...

Digital seismic sections

This digital data set contains original files of seismic reflection survey sections. Most data are within the UK Onshore area; although there are some UK near-shore and offshore (North Sea, Irish...

Digital geochronological index

A digital geochronological index to act as a domain constraint for geochronology columns in corporate data tables. It decodes geochronology codes, models pseudo parent-child relationships between...

Maldon Market Place 2

This is a polygon dataset used to identify Maldon Market and was part of the Adopted Replacement Local Plan (2005)

Focus on London - Labour Market

**FOCUS**ON**LONDON**2011:**LABOUR**MARKET:**BEYOND**HEADLINES In 2009, the overall proportion of the London working-age population who were in work was around two percentage points below the UK...

The Economics of London's Housing Market

Through reading this publication you will: • gain an understanding of how house prices are set in economics terms, how they are measured, and why the cost of housing matters for London’s economy...

Defra's Marine Digital Elevation Model (DEM) - 6 arc seconds

This dataset contains Digital Elevation Model (DEM) shapefiles for the waters surrounding the United Kingdom to a depth of 200 metres. This resolution is 6 arc seconds which covers the widest...

HCA land assets which is being marketed

Details of all land owned by HCA, including those currently being marketed

The Communications Market Report

The Ofcom Communications Market Report has been published every year since 2004. It is now an interactive data portal, which allows users to interrogate data collected from industry by Ofcom, data...