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Number of EIR reviews received

Number of EIR reviews received

% of EIR reviews responded to 'In Time'

% of EIR reviews responded to 'In Time'

Number of FOI reviews received

Number of FOI reviews received

% of FOI reviews responded to 'In Time'

% of FOI reviews responded to 'In Time'

Projection Methodology Independent Review

In late 2016 the GLA's Demography team commissioned the Centre for Change at the University of Southampton to udertake a comprehensive review of methodology and implementation of the GLA Trend...

London Brownfield Sites Review

**Important Note** The Brownfield data was handed over from LDA to the Homes and Communities Agency so that HCA could maintain it as part of the National Land Use Database (NLUD). The HCA’s online...

CABE Design Review list of schemes reviewed 1999 to 2011

Listing of all projects/schemes reviewed by CABE’s design review panels (including special panels such as Building Schools for the Future, Olympic 2012 panel, Cross Rail panel, Eco towns Panel)...

Geological Conservation Review sites (New Forest)

The Geological Conservation Review (GCR) is the selection process used to systematically identify the key geological sites in Great Britain. Although, the main phase of the GCR took place between...

Stakeholder Consultation Review

This report describes the results of the recent stakeholder review of the ONS cancer outputs and agreed responses to suggestions made therein. Stakeholders viewed the current cancer outputs and...

Classification - 2008 River Cycle 1 phytobenthos water body level with confidence of class

Survey results from 2007 showing the health of phytobenthos (algae that grows on rocks on the river bed, also known as diatoms) expressed against the Water Framework Directive status classes. This...

Number of EIR reviews responded to 'In Time'

Number of EIR reviews responded to 'In Time'

Number of FOI reviews responded to 'In Time'

Number of FOI reviews responded to 'In Time'

LVMF Review 2017 View Appraisal

A two-part report commissioned by the GLA in 2017 as part of the review of the London Plan. It provides a photographic record of the views from each of the 61 Assessment Points identified by the...

Local Plan Review Evidence Base

It is important that our strategy for the future development of the borough is based on an understanding of the characteristics that make Barnet what it is, and a knowledge of how it is likely to...

Percentage of referrals to Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) services which indicated a reliable deterioration following completion of treatment (CCGOIS 2.11c)

The proportion of referrals to IAPT services that reliably deteriorate after finishing a course of treatment, expressed as a percentage, with 95% confidence intervals An issue has been...

National Statistics Quality Review

A series of in-depth methodological reviews. NSQRs complement existing quality assurance practices, providing an additional tool to make sure ONS methods are - and remain - fit for...

Risk Levels Under Review

The Risk Level Under Review identifies locations where model data incorporated to the Flood Risk Assessment Wales (FRAW) map is under review and potentially liable to change within the next 6...

In year Business Forecast Reviews

Actual P&L, Manpower, Demand information and forward forecast

Economic and Labour Market Review

An essential resource for all users of UK economic and labour market statistics. It draws together the expert research and analysis and range of content found in Economic Trends and Labour Market...

Geological Conservation Review Sites

The Geological Conservation Review (GCR) is the register of known nationally and internationally important Earth science (geological and geomorphological) sites in Great Britain. The GCR underpins...