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Long Service Advance of Pay

Details of payment to RN officers

ANR (Advanced Notification of Redundancy)

Information gathering database for advanced notification of redundancy for companies with over 20 Employee's at the risk of redundancy at any one site.

Suppliers and payments

List of suppliers from which Technology Strategy Board (TSB) purchase goods and services and values of payments made

Redress Payments

Amount paid in redress over the last 5 financial years

Losses and Special Payments Register

List of losses and special payments

Overseas Payment Order Rejections

Customer level data detailing returned overseas payments Location: Overseas Customer data Time Period: 14 months Update Frequency: Daily Financial Information: Included Data: Customer personal...

BIS Prompt Payment data

These files present the percentage of Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) invoices paid within: 5 days 30 days. From 1 April 2015 all central government departments,...

Winter fuel payments data

The Winter Fuel Payment is an annual tax-free payment made to eligible people to help towards their winter heating costs and is paid automatically between November and December each year. This data...

Personal Independence Payment Statistics

This release will include experimental Official Statistics on PIP caseload by geographical breakdown, main disability, age, mobility award, daily living award, gender and normal and special rules...

The special severance payment database

Ensures that completion of the MOD pro-forma to Treasury is consistently applied across the Department and provides lessons learnt for PRG improvement.

Central Payment System Reports

Customer level details of payment rejection reports generated by the departments main system payment system, Central Payment System. Location: GB and Northern Ireland Time Period: Records held for...

Payments Rejected by Customers' Banks

Customer level data containing details of payments rejected by customers' banks Location: GB wide data Time Period: 14 months Update Frequency: Daily Financial Information: Included Data: Customer...

DWP Prompt Payment Data

All data on how long the Department for Work and Pensions takes to pay invoices.

FCO Prompt payment data

On 2 September 2020 FCO and DFID merged to form a new Department, the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office. Prompt Payments data for From 1 April 2015 all central government departments,...

BEIS Prompt Payment Data

These datasets represent the percentage of invoices paid by the Department within 5 and 30 days of receipt. The data is shown in yearly quarters as required by Public Contracts Regulation...

National Savings and Investments non-consolidated performance payments data

National Savings and Investments non-consolidated performance payment data in 2010/11.

CAP Scheme Payments including the Single Payment Scheme (SPS) made to UK beneficiaries 2009

Amounts received by UK beneficiaries under the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). The information is published annually (30th April) to meet the requirements of Commission Regulation (EC) No...

Revenue-based Taxes and Benefits: Taxable benefits in kind and expenses payments

Provides general information on all HMRC taxes, including tax receipts, the number of taxpayers, personal tax credits, child benefit and estimates of the cost of tax expenditures and structural...

DCMS Prompt Payment Monthly Statistics

All Standard Terms and Conditions of contracts for goods and services contain provision so that: - DCMS will pay a correctly submitted invoice within 30 days of receipt for contracted work that...

Department for Transport prompt payment performance

Information on invoice payment performance for the Department for Transport and the transport agencies, including details of invoices paid within 5 working days and invoices paid within 30 working...