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Green Corridors

Green Corridors in Southampton are known as Greenways. Ribbons of open space that follow stream valleys. They form valuable breaks in the built up area and in some cases reach out into the open...

Green Belt

Land defined as Green Belt

Green Space

Green Spaces within Luton.

Village Green

58 registered parcels of land

Bowling Greens

Bowling greens including, location and addresses.

Green Belt

Latest version of the Nottingham / Derby Green Belt within Broxtowe Borough

English Local Authority Green belt dataset

Polygon dataset (in WGS84 projection) showing each English local authority's green belt land. Local authorities have digitised these sites in different ways and to different levels of accuracy....

Millennium Greens (England) Polygons

The Millennium Greens initiative set out to provide new areas of public open space close to people's homes that could be enjoyed permanently by the local community, in time to mark the start of the...

Green Belt

GIS polygon dataset identifying the extent of the Green Belt within the Bolton Borough. The Green Belt is subject to Local Authority Planning Local Plan policy to maintain the extent, character and...

Green Wedges

Green Wedges comprise the open areas around, and between, parts of settlements which maintain the distinction between the countryside and built-up areas, prevent the coalescence of adjacent places...

Green Links

Areas of linked but separate open spaces and the footpaths between them. Accessible to the public, covers other pedestrian & cycle routes ie not green see LDF Core Strategy Appendix 4

Green Belt

Areas of land where development is tightly controlled. The purposes of Green Belt are to check the unrestricted sprawl of large built-up areas, prevent neighbouring towns from merging,...

Village Greens

Village Greens

Green Infrastructure

Green Infrastructure in the Borough of Wellingborough

Village Greens

Village greens in Shropshire

Green Spaces

Open and green spaces within Birmingham

Green Belt

This layer shows the Greenbelt around Watford

Green Belt

Green Belts were made possible by the Town and Country Planning Act 1947 but the Oxford Green Belt was not formally approved until 1975. The original designation of the Oxford Green Belt was to...

Green Belt

Areas designated as Green Belt in Stockport

Sunderland Green Belt

This is the greenbelt area in the City of Sunderland (policy CN3)