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York Cycle Network

For further information about cycling - see the [City of York Council]( website *Please note that the data published within this dataset is a live API link to...

Bradford flood network

We are having some technical difficulties with our flood sensors at present so do not have up to date data. We are working on the issues and hope to resume normal service soon. We're working with...

TfL Road Network

showing boundaries of roads in lambeth maintained by transport for london (TfL)

Neighbourhood network schemes

Data set of Neighbourhood network schemes in Leeds who support people aged over 50 by providing activities, friendship groups and opportunities to socialise.

Neighbourhood Planning Network

The Neighbourhood Planning Network (NPN) is a network of voluntary groups within the Bristol area, working together to help themselves and each other get better involvement in how their...

GM Bee Network

Map files showing Greater Manchester's walking and cycling network proposals. The dataset is available in MapInfo .tab, Google .kml, ESRI .shp, and GeoJSON file formats. Please acknowledge the...

Postcodes not on the gas network

This spreadsheet contains a list of postcodes where Xoserve holds no record of a gas connection by either large or small gas transporters. This data was produced using Xoserve's list of off-gas...

OS Open Roads

OS Open Roads is a high-level view of the road network, from motorways to country lanes in Great Britain. The links represent an approximate central alignment of the road carriageway and include...

Highway Network

This dataset contains centreline information regarding roads in Northern Ireland that are adopted and maintained by DfI Roads.

Network logons

Enables ONS staff to logon to the network - Includes ID and password

Road transport emissions and activity data for the UK major road network

Road transport emissions and activity data for the UK major road network

UK Air monitoring network

A link to data from over 1500 sites across the UK that monitor air quality. They are organised into networks that gather a particular kind of information, using a particular method. There are two...

GM Key Route Network

Map data showing the Key Route Network (KRN) for Greater Manchester. The dataset is available in Mapinfo .TAB, Esri .SHP, Google .KML and GeoJSON formats. Please acknowledge the source of...

Email Traffic

Total number of emails sent and received across the FSA PSN network per month.


Code-Point® precisely locates 1.7 million postcode units in Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Each unit contains an average of 15 adjoining addresses. For direct marketers, Code-Point® helps you...

Amatrice Sequence International (in agreement with the Network Name assigned in IRIS) (NERC grant NE/P016626/1)

The data collection consists of 25 3-component broadband seismic station at 100sps (approx. 45mb per station, per day) located in the epicentral area of the 26th August 2016, M=6.0 Amatrice...

Safety on the railways

A summary of safety on the rail network Source agency: Office of Rail and Road Designation: National Statistics Language: English Alternative title: Safety on the railways

OS Rivers Data

Great Britain's (England, Scotland, Wales) rivers, watercourses and water bodies represented as a connected network, polygons and/or lines. This data is often used for environmental monitoring and...

Network Compliance Report

Compliance with a range of quotas including originations, independent productions, news, current affairs, made out of London productions and regional output.

Fife Cycle Network

Fife has one of the UK's most comprehensive cycling networks. Over 350 miles of sign posted cycle network includes a variety of leisure and commuting routes.Terrain varies from off road disused...