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Air passenger experience of security screening

Results from the module of the CAA air passenger survey giving their experiences. Source agency: Transport Designation: Official Statistics not designated as National Statistics Language:...

Army WARP Security Incident Database

Record and manage all security incidents and their investigations within the Army AoR and for certain JFC sites and units

National Archives Web Continuity

The National Archives is preserving digital government information by regularly archiving UK central government websites. There are now over 1 billion online documents accessible through our UK...

Register of Approved SIA Contractors

Lists all of the organisations that have met the requirements for the Approved Contractor Scheme. These organisations have distinguished themselves as being amongst the best providers of private...

Secure Accommodation Clearing House System (SACHS)

Monthly population data for the under-18 custodial population.

Northern Ireland Summary of Social Security Statistics

Provides a single source of information on claimants of all social security benefits, contains information of individual benefits as well as information from the Client Group Analysis. Source...

Security Reports

FCO(S) - Security Investigations and Breach Reports; Security Operating Procedure declarations.

Children Accommodated in Secure Children's Homes, England and Wales

This report covers information on places approved and children accommodated by sex, age, length of stay and type of placement. Source agency: Education Designation: National Statistics Language:...

Details of all security clearances for BIS and Partner Organisations

Sensitive and personal information. Contains records of all security clearances at National Security Vetting level and Baseline Personnel Security Standard for BIS staff, DECC, Other Government...

OS Places API

Find UK addresses instantly online and be confident you're getting the most up-to-date information with our address API.  Perform accurate geocoding and reverse geocoding with our secure,...

Security Clearance Database

This is a database which holds all security clearance for the Government Car and Despatch Agency

Ship Security Plans

Plans to prevent illegal acts against a ship, its crew and passengers and to minimise damage to the marine environment and to port facilities

Security Vetting Workbook

Records vetting levels of those MCA personnel who have clearance above Baseline Personnel Security Standard (CTC, SC and DV)

Secure Registration Scheme

Secure registration scheme:- Records of applications for authorisation to use the DVLA secure registration scheme and records of audits. Names and addresses of applicants

Improving Bio-security

Improving biosecurity in the United Kingdom Overseas Territories: identification service for invasive invertebrate plant pests.

Government Secure Intranet (GSI) Personal Commitment Statements (PCS)

Government Secure Intranet (GSI) Personal Commitment Statements (PCS)  is an application for internal Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) use only. It is used by all new IT...

Global Threat Reduction Programme Nuclear Security Access List

Details of individuals with clearance to access various international nuclear installations

Local authority dwellings let to homeless acceptances on secure tenancies

The Housing Strategy Statistical Appendix (HSSA) is a statistical return to support the LA's annual Housing Strategy. It is mainly basic and policy orientated data on all tenures within each local...

Local Directgov web service

The Local Directgov web service gives you direct access to the functions that drive the local government services on the Directgov website, so that you can use them in your own websites and other...

Web - for Accident Investigation Branch

Accident Investigation Branches (AIB) web site to disseminate bulletins and reports to Industry and general public