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Local Authority Food Law Enforcement returns

The release summarises local authority activity in relation to food law enforcement at food establishments. It includes summary statistics on the numbers of inspections conducted as well the...

Survey Compliance Costs to Businesses and Local Authorities

HMRC Survey Compliance Costs To Businesses and Local Authorities - This publication contains statistics of HMRC survey compliance costs Source agency: HM Revenue and Customs Designation: National...

Authority Pension Scheme Records

Records related to the operation of the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority Pension Schemes.

Artificial Waterbody Surface Water transfers

Environment & Business - Land and Water: Artificial Waterbody surface water transfers under Water Framework Directive cycle 1. This is a spatial dataset.

Local authorities in England

Identifiers for local authorities of various types in England, with links to other coding schemes and links to the areas the authorities are responsible for. Includes unitary authorities,...

Welsh Local Authorities

Local authorities in Wales Identifiers for local authorities in Wales, with links to the areas the authorities are responsible for.

Transfer Entries Supporting Information

Details of financial control

Acute and Non-Acute Delayed Transfers of Care: monthly situation reports

Monthly data on delayed transfers of care Source agency: Health Designation: Official Statistics not designated as National Statistics Language: English Alternative title: Delayed Transfers of...

Local Authority Housing Statistics: Local Authority-owned stock and stock management

Statistics on local authority-owned stock and stock management, including housing stock, households on local authority waiting lists, participation in Choice-Based Lettings, local authority...

Local Authority Maintained Trees

We set ourselves the challenge of collating London’s tree data into one open source place to get a picture of London’s trees.  We requested tree data from London boroughs and TfL in late 2014. The...

Local Authority By-Election Results

A summary of local by-election results since the elections in May 2010. This file will be periodically updated. Table contains the followng fields: Date, Ward Code, Ward name, Borough name,...

Local Authority Traffic Estimates

Traffic estimates by local authority

Local authorities Borrowing and Investments

Breakdown of Borrowing and Investments by type and Local Authority. Source agency: Communities and Local Government Designation: Official Statistics not designated as National...

Former Local Authority Districts

This dataset lists a number of local authority districts that existed in the 1990s. These former local authority districts appear in some statistical datasets of the DCLG, but are sufficiently...

UK Contribution to the European Pollutant Release and Transfer Register (XML)

Environment & Business - Regulated Industry - Site Based Regulation The European Pollutant Release and Transfer Register (E-PRTR) is the new Europe-wide register that provides easily...

Register Retained Documents (Exempt)

Paper or scanned images of deeds held in association with a registered title e.g. leases, transfers, charges and other deeds.

HMRC Buildings Property Details

Address and STEPS (Strategic Transfer of the Estate to the Private Sector) codes for all HMRC buildings. Updated: ad hoc.

Local Authority recycling rates

The proportion of household waste which is recycled or composted by Local Authority Source: Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA): Municipal Waste Management...

Sports Grounds Safety Authority Annual Report

The Sports Grounds Safety Authority’s Annual Report and Accounts, spanning the full financial year Authority (SGSA). The Report sets out how we operate, covering our goals, performance, corporate...

Statutory Compliance data

Documentation used to record and track compliance to HMRC's statutory requirements on the STEPS (Strategic Transfer of the Estate to the Private Sector) estate. Updated: monthly.