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Strategic Industrial Sites

Dataset shows Strategic Industrial Locations within the London Borough of Lewisham

Strategic Industrial Locations

Sites either protected or allocated for employment use in the allocations plan

Strategic Industrial Land

Strategic Industrial Land in the London Borough of Ealing

Strategic Cultural Areas

These data show 1. The Derwent Valley Mills World Heritage Site, as inscribed by UNESCO in December 2001. Defines the area considered to be of Outstanding Universal Value – i.e. the birthplace of...

Strategic Development Sites

Strategic Development Sites as identied within the Cherwell District Council Local Plan - 2014 Consultation.

Strategic Development Areas

Strategic Development Areas as allocated within the Adopted Local Plan.

Strategic Industrial Locations

Strategic Industrial Locations (SILs) are designated in the London Plan comprise Preferred Industrial Locations (PILs) and Industrial Business Parks and exist to ensure that London provides...

Strategic Cultural Areas

This is a London Plan designation and covers the South Kensington Museum Complex

Strategic Industrial Areas

Shows strategic industrial areas in Hackney part of LDF evidence base.

Strategic Industrial Areas

This dataset consists of the boundaries of the 3 strategic industrial locations (SILs) within the London Borough of Sutton which include Beddington SIL, Kimpton SIL and Imperial Way SIL. Each...

Strategic Industrial Locations

Existing commercial and industrial locations from Boston Borough Council’s 1999 adopted local plan

Strategic Industrial Locations

Strategic Industrial Locations as identified in the East Staffordshire Borough Councils Adopted Local Plan 2012-2031.

Strategic Cultural Area

showing boundary of lambeth portion of london's strategic cultural area, as defined by the London Plan 2004 (produced with GLA)

Strategic Arts Grants

This annual CBC funding combines with that awarded by Arts Council England and Essex County Council, as well as other public, private and commercial sources of income, to enable the organisations...

Strategic Industrial Locations

Areas allocated for industry and warehousing in the Southampton City Council Local Plan

Strategic Cultural Areas

Strategic cultural areas (SCA) or zones mapped as part of the Authority’s Local Development Framework

GCN - Strategic Opportunity Areas (Shropshire)

This dataset identifies areas where the addition of new ponds would benefit Great Crested Newt populations. The core areas contain a pond density of 2+ ponds and are located within a 1km square...

Hackney Strategic Industrial Areas

Strategic Industrial Areas in Hackney. Created over OS MasterMap data. Boundaries have been created in accordance with planning policies which we will use, together with the London plan, the core...

Joint Strategic Needs Assesment

No description provided

Strategic Intervention

Equality and Diversity Data Report- supporting files