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Household estimates and projections

Household projections are trend-based and indicate the number of additional households that would form if recent demographic trends continue.

Family Intervention Projects

Monitoring and Evaluation of Family Intervention Projects Source agency: Education Designation: Official Statistics not designated as National Statistics Language: English Alternative title:...

National Pupil Projections

A report on national projections for the number of pupils in schools Source agency: Education Designation: Official Statistics not designated as National Statistics Language:...

Pension Forecasting Project

This Pension Forecasting data provides monthly volumes of the number of pension forecasts relating to the State Pension (SP) Forecasts services provided by DWP. It also provides the number of...

Projections of Households in England

National statistics on the projected number of households in England and its regions to 2033. The figures in this release are based on the 2008-based population projections and replace the...

Household estimates and Projections

Household estimates and projections, by household type, by age of household reference person, for older people, components of household growth, variant household projections

Government Major Projects

Performance data on all DWP major government ICT projects over £1 million pounds.

Projections of Households in England

Indicates the number of additional households that would form if demographic trends continued. They will take into account 2011 Census information where possible. Note:The date for this release...

Prison population projections

Presents projected monthly prison population in England and Wales for the next six years. Sub-population (such as gender) estimates are presented alongside the effects of legislation, sentencing...

Crown Prosecution Service Major Projects Portfolio data, 2015

Each government department has published detailed information about projects on the Government Major Project Portfolio (GMPP). This includes a delivery confidence assessment rating, financial...

UKCP09: Time Series of Annual values of Extreme temperature range

UKCP09 Time series of extreme temperatures. Annual maximum temperature minus annual minimum temperature. The datasets have been created with financial support from the Department for...

UKCP09: Gridded Datasets of Annual values of extreme temperature range

UKCP09: Gridded datasets of annual values. Extreme temperature range. The day-by-day sum of the mean number of degrees by which the air temperature is more than a value of 22 °C Annual maximum...

Central Health and Safety Project

This is the legacy system used to capture Health and Safety events within the MoD. It was run by DASA and has now been replaced by ISIS. The data is maintained as an archive by DASA for Statistical...

Operational project delivery plans

Project plans that are used to help deliver the work of the Procurement Policy & Capability Team

Prison Population Projections (NS)

Prison population projections

COLDTREE project data on cold tolerance and dormancy assessments in pine and beech

Summarising, the objectives of the Coldtree project were: To identify novel physiological, and genetic techniques indicative of the onset of winter hardiness and dormancy in woody species and,...

Project Register

GBCC - Supplier contracts

Project Register

GBCC - Supplier contracts

UKCP09: 5km gridded data - Annual Average - Extreme temperature range

UKCP09: 5 km gridded data - Annual averages for the extreme temperature range. The data set contains 12 files (one for each month for the 1961-1990 average period). The individual grids are named...

Project MOLAR Dental Referrals Spreadsheet

MS Excel spreadsheet held in Z-Drive that records details of candidates referred to see a Service Dentist, the reason for referral and the outcome. Records are not duplicated or sent anywhere.