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Sports pitches

Data showing details on the playing and sports pitches in Plymouth.

School Playing Fields

Provide outdoor recreation facilities for use within the education sector and are recorded as polygons

Sporting Stadiums

Point locations of sporting stadia in Nottinghamshire.

Sport and recreation

Indicators of sport and recreation activities

Playing Areas in York

Playing Areas in York.

Play Areas Parks

Play Areas in Parks within Luton.

Young people and sport in Northern Ireland

This triennial series of publications provides information on young people aged 11-16 years and their participation in sport and physical activity (using findings from a school based...

NI 008 - Adult participation in sport

Adults (aged 16+) participating in at in sport 3 or more times each week

Play Areas

Play areas and playgrounds managed by ECDC.

Childrens Play Area

The Purpose of the feature is to show the location of Childrens Play Areas.

LBC Play areas

This dataset shows the location of Play areas managed by the London Borough of Croydon

NI 008 - Adult participation in sport

Adults (aged 16+) participating in at in sport 3 or more times each week Source: Sport Englands Active People survey Publisher: DCLG Floor Targets Interactive Geographies: Local Authority...

Outdoor Sports Facilities

Natural or artificial surfaces either publicly or privately owned used for sport and recreation. Examples of such provision include outdoor sports pitches, tennis courts and bowling greens, golf...

Sunderland Sports Halls

List of Sports Halls in the City of Sunderland. Other information provided with this is number of courts and who the hall belongs too (e.g school, leisure centre etc).


list of sites, activities, clubs and other sports data in England

Belfast Play Centres

This data set contains information about our play centres, data items include; name, address, longitude, latitude

Adults and sport and physical activity in Northern Ireland

This annual series of publications provides information on adults aged 16 years and over and their participation in sport and physical activity. Source agency: Culture, Arts and Leisure (Northern...

Bassetlaw District Council Amenity Green Space

The dataset was originally created for the Open Space Study. The Open Space, Play Pitch and Built Sports Provision studies have been carried out to ensure that the provision of parks, play areas,...

MMO1064 Paddle Sports Model

This model output illustrates the potential for paddle sports activity around the English Coast as part of the MMO1064 marine recreation modelling project. The purpose of this study was to develop...

Temporary Play Street Orders

Point locations of Temporary Play Street Orders (TPSO) processed by Bristol City Council. A TPSO closes a street to traffic to let children play safely. The closure can take place as often as once...