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UKTI Performance and Impact Monitoring Survey (PIMS)

The client surveys involve client interviews that give evidence for the quality of service UKTI provides to business. It is completed by an independent market research company specialising in...

Non consolidated performance pay Charity Commission

Yearly Data on non-consolidated performance-related payments in the Charity Commisson.

SFO non-consolidated performance related pay

These non-consolidated performance related pay figures are being published as part of the government's commitment to transparency. These figures are not official statistics but internal information...

RAISEonline school performance, absence and exclusion and census data

Information for this dataset is sourced from the Department for Education. Data is held for primary, secondary and special schools in England. Data is calculated at different aggregation levels:...

Performance and Impact Monitoring Survey (PIMS) and Inward Investment

Both Trade and Inward investment are covered in -

Performance figures

Performance figures for the DBS service - covering the disclosure and barring side of the business and updated on a regular basis.

Basic Horticultural Statistics

This publication is designed to provide comprehensive statistics on the production and value of horticultural crops grown in the United Kingdom. The tables in most cases provide 30 years of data...

GPS operational performance metrics

Monthly operational performance metrics against targets

GPS benefits and savings performance

Methodologies and calculations of benefits and savings

Promoting high performance working

This data describes SME use of high performance work practices. It supports a report on the rationale and evidence base for policy development in high performance working. The report also...

BIS Staff Performance Markings

During performance year 1 April 2011 to 31 March 2012 there were 4 levels of performance marking within BIS: •HSP - highly successful performer •SP - successful performer •PSP - partially...

Delivery Directorate Performance Report

Contract performance for Contracted Employment Provision. Initial releases contained Flexible New Deal (FND) figures for starts and jobs broken down by contract package area. NOTE: As of 1 June...

Integrated Performance Measures Monitoring

Monitors how PCTs perform against measures in the following areas: CHD-Diabetic retinopathy; CHD-NHS Health Checks; Older people-Delayed Discharge; Health Improvement-Maternity; Health...

Maritime Inventory Performance Dashboards

Presentation tools – and associated data sets - to publish tables and charts on the Defence Intranet showing statistics about Inventory management performance.

Performance Dashboard Timber dispatches

This dashboard shows information about how the Timber dispatches service is currently performing. This is a "beta" service. The dashboard shows number of digital transactions, total cost of...

Performance Dashboard Seed certification

This dashboard shows information about how the Seed certification service is currently performing. This is a "beta" service. The dashboard shows number of digital transactions, total cost of...

Energy Performance of Buildings Certificates

This release presents official statistics on energy performance of buildings cerificates in England and Wales, including energy efficiency ratings, environmental impact ratings, energy usage, costs...

Performance Management Form System

Records of individual performance management reviews and process and historical records for former members of staff.

HR Performance Appraisal Spreadsheet

Analysis of Appraisal outcomes

Regional and Economic Performance Indicators

Presents statistical information that illustrated the factors that contributed to regional economic performance. Source agency: Business, Innovation and Skills Designation: National...