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Renewables Obligation: certificates and generation

Monthly data on the number of certificates issued for generation under the Renewables Obligation. Source agency: Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Designation: National...

General Pharmaceutical Services

The General Pharmaceutical Services in England report shows information about community pharmacy contractors (community pharmacies) and appliance contractors in England, and the NHS services they...

General Medical Practitioners

Current GP Practitioners in England and Wales Contains: Name and address information and identifying codes for General Practitioners (GPs) working in England and Wales. These identifying...

GPS operational risk registers

Operational risks that are being actively managed

DFMS - Accounting Operations (IYM)

Accounting Application including; - Shared Service Centre (SSC) General Ledger (GL) - TLB GLs - Fixed Asset Module (Including MEAD2, SBSO FARs, Merlin, Maestro) - Accounts Payable - Accounts...

Operational project delivery plans

Project plans that are used to help deliver the work of the Procurement Policy & Capability Team

GPS operational performance metrics

Monthly operational performance metrics against targets

Operational Fatality and Casualty Statistics

From April 2013, the release of this publication will not be announced on the Statistics Publication Hub in line with the new MOD policy of only announcing National Statistics on the Hub. Please...

DIU Non Operational Schedule

Shows details of all non-operational deaths – held on excel spreadsheet.

Carers Credit Operating System

Carer’s Credit Operating System Database containing details of carers and the disabled person(s) that they care for. The system captures the name, National Insurance Number, date of birth and...

Operational Records

Procedures, records, assessments, designs, reports etc. related to the operation of the UK fusion programme.

Operational overseas nuclear installations

World Nuclear Associatoin database of operational nuclear installations

Self generated electricity generated on Defra estate July 2012 to April 2016

Monthly data on self generated electricity generated for individual sites across the Defra estate from July 2012 to April 2016. Attribution statement:

General Practice Patient Survey Dental Statistics

Statistics on the results of the GP Patient Survey’s newly added dental questions. Questions relate to patients’ access to NHS dental care. This release will include comparisons between July to...

General Practitioners survey 2010 and 2012

General Practitioners' attitudes to health and work (anonymised). 1,405 GPs (2010) and 1189 GPs (2012) from England, Scotland and Wales.

IMPReS/Wisdom operated by Iron Mountain

Indexing system for former British Coal records, including individual employment records

Fire and Rescue Service operational statistics

This annual bulletin contains fire and rescue authorities’ personnel statistics, numbers of injuries to firefighters, and statistics relating to fire safety audits of buildings and to community...

e-Search operated by Iron Mountain

Indexing system used by Iron Mountain

Bus Service Operators Grant Files

Hard copy paper records holding details of operators' Bus Service Operators Grant claims, both current and previous.

Spend over £25,000 in General Social Care Council

A monthly-updated list of all financial transactions spending over £25,000 made by General Social Care Council, as part of the Government's commitment to transparency in expenditure.