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Independent Living Fund third party data - user files

Award manager, other contacts, payroll companies, accountants. Contains personal data.

Child Trust Funds (CTF) data

Data from the Child Trust Fund (CTF) providers and CTF office system. Updated: annually. Data coverage: 2006/07, 2007/08, 2008/09, 2009/10

Generators Questionnaire (GQ)

Quarterly survey of electricity generators for purchase price of generation fuels.

Feed in Tariff scheme generation data

Feed in Tariff scheme statistics on generation. Source agency: Energy and Climate Change Designation: Official Statistics not designated as National Statistics Language:...

Spend in the Skills Funding Agency

HM Treasury guidance requires us to publish expenditure (payments) over £25,000. We publish details of all of our expenditure in an easy access format (csv) for each month. The files contain the...

European Social Fund

The European Social Fund dataset is used to supply information to nine jobcentre plus regions which enables them to produce the interim claims and project closure reports necessary to enable...

Flexible Support Fund

The Flexible Support Fund forms part of the overall Jobcentre Plus Pre-Work Programme Offer and is used to fill gaps and add support where DWP provision, non contracted partner provision or adviser...

European Social Fund Contracts

European Social Fund Contracts by provider and by contract number

Renewables Obligation: certificates and generation

Monthly data on the number of certificates issued for generation under the Renewables Obligation. Source agency: Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Designation: National...

Adviser Discretionary Fund

The Adviser Discretionary Fund is a financial incentive designed to help Jobcentre Plus customers make the transition from claiming benefits into employment. The main purpose is to help Jobcentre...

General Pharmaceutical Services

The General Pharmaceutical Services in England report shows information about community pharmacy contractors (community pharmacies) and appliance contractors in England, and the NHS services they...

General Medical Practitioners

Current GP Practitioners in England and Wales Contains: Name and address information and identifying codes for General Practitioners (GPs) working in England and Wales. These identifying...

Sector Mentoring Challenge Fund

This data set supports figure 1 and figure 2 in the Sector Mentoring Challenge Fund prospectus and is taken from the Small Business Survey 2012: SME employers.

Funding Policy - Community Learning

Funding Policy - Community Learning, annual budget to support the local community.

Mid & Final Year Funding Claims

Yorkshire and Humber Colleges Mid & Final Year Funding Claims

BIG Lottery Fund Junior Staff Data Set as at 31 March 2012

BIG Lottery Fund Junior Staff Data Set as at 31 March 2012

Applicants to the Social Outcomes Fund

Names, contact details, status and documentation of Expressions of Interest to the Fund submitted in the first round and the same for the Full Applications. In addition we have the names and...

Skills Funding Agency Risk Register

National Risk Register identifies particular areas that may be of potential concern

Skills Funding Agency Procurement Contracts

Link to the Skills Funding Agency procurement contracts as published to the Contracts Finder on Business Link.

BIG Lottery Fund Senior Staff Data Set as at 31 March 2012

BIG Lottery Fund Senior Staff Data Set as at 31 March 2012