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Dog Bins in York

Dog Bins in York. *Please note that the data published within this dataset is a live API link to CYC's GIS server. Any changes made to the master copy of the data will be inmediately reflected...

Tonnage Tax Training Commitment database

List of trainee cadets with number of months they have been training against the Company name to ensure that Companies are fulfilling their training requirements.

Youth Training Pay Database

Personal Files. Information on the adults involved with schools and organisations including pay details.

Not in Education Employment or Training (NEET)

The number and proportion of young people aged 16-18 who are not engaged in any form of education, job-related training or employment. Source: Connexions - The Client Caseload Information System...

Recruit Statistics by Training Years

Commando Training Centre RM - Training Records, Information on Recruits going through Phase 1 Training during each Financial Year (retained for 6).

Education and training statistics for the United Kingdom

Provides statistics relating to education and training in the UK. Source agency: Education Designation: National Statistics Language: English Alternative title: Education and training...

Public attitudes towards train services

This publication summarises adults' experiences of, and attitudes towards, rail travel in Great Britain using questions asked on the Office for National Statistics Opinions (Omnibus) Survey in...

Train Stations

shows the location of public transport services in lambeth

Dog Exclusion Zones vw

Designated Zones where dogs are banned from completely.

Litter Bins and Dog Bins

Location of litter bins and dog bins in York. For further information about litter and litter bins please visit the [City of York Council...

Employees receiving job-related training

Employees receiving job-related training Source: Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS), Annual Population Survey (APS) Publisher: Department for Business, Innovation and Skills...

Dog control orders

All dog control orders with location and type.

Dog Bins

Location of dog bins maintained by the North Ayrshire Council Streetscene team

Dogs per square kilometre

This dataset is a modelled dataset, describing the mean number of dogs per square kilometre across GB. The figures are aligned to the British national grid, with a population estimate provided for...

IMD Education Skills and Training Deprivation Domain 2007

This is one of the 7 domains of the IMD, the indicators used in the latest update of this domain are; - Average test score of pupils at Key Stage 2 - Average test score of pupils at Key Stage 3 -...

Licensed dog and cat home boarders

License information about animal boarding services including kennels, catteries, and home boarders. Updated annually in July.

Fixed Penalty Notices - Dog Fouling

Fixed Penalty Notices - Dog Fouling

Dog fouling fixed penalty notices

Dataset showing Fixed Penalty Notices issued for dog fouling in Leeds.

Real-time train running data

Real-time train running data Only 500 users permitted to use this data

Defra Information Services Directorate Training Spend FY15 16

A list of staff Training funded by Defra Information Services Directorate in financial year 2015 2016. Attribution statement: