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Designated Bathing Waters

Beach areas are designated under the Bathing Waters Directive (76/160/EEC) to protect the environment and public health at locations where bathing is not prohibited and is traditionally practised...

OGA - UKCS Designations

There is no description available.

Gardens and Designed Landscapes

Gardens and designed landscapes are grounds which have been laid out for artistic effect and, in appropriate cases, include references to any buildings, land, or water on, adjacent, or contiguous...

National Nature Reserve (NNR) designations - habitats - ownership

Pivot tables in spreadsheet providing searchable data on National Nature Reserves (NNRs) in England: areas of NNRs with overlapping designations such as Country Park, SSSI, Scheduled Monument;...

Common Database on Designated Areas in the UK

A spatial dataset of the UK's National designations submitted to the Common Database on Designated Areas (CDDA) in March 2016. This is the most up to data copy of the dataset and previous...

Urban Design Strategy

Urban design strategy document for the Sunderland central area

Eastbourne Contextual Designations

Eastbourne Contextual Designations – shows designations that provide context to the Eastbourne Policies Map.Further information is available on our website...

All Open Academies

Academies are a new type of school. They bring a distinctive approach to school leadership drawing on the skills of sponsors and other supporters. They give Principals and staff new opportunities...

DIU Open Schedule

Shows details of all operational and non-operational deaths where an inquest has yet to be heard – held on excel spreadsheet.

Family food open data

The National Food Survey was the predecessor of the Living Costs and Food Survey, and ran in some form from 1940 to 2000. Survey data from 1974 to 2000 is being provided as Open Data, in the form...

Open Central Government Websites

Number of and list of central government open websites.

Seaburn Masterplan and Design Code

Supplementary planning document for Seaburn Masterpland and Design Code

Aquifer Designation Dataset for Wales

Joint BGS/Natural Resources Wales (NRW) dataset of aquifer designations for Wales at 1:50 000. The dataset identifies different types of aquifer - underground layers of water-bearing permeable rock...

National Forest Estate Open Water England 2016

This dataset shows captured areas of open water within the national forest estate. These will generally be fairly natural and permanent in character and not be created by dams. Attribution...

OGA - UKCS Designations

There is no description available.

GP Extended Opening Hours

Provides information pertaining to the Governments key priorities for improving routine access to GP services in evenings and at weekends. Source agency: Health Designation: Official Statistics...

Higher Education courses designated for student finance

Student Loans Company Limited's designated courses operational data. Contains data on courses for which students can apply for student finance.

Bracknell Forest Primary School Designated Areas

Bracknell Forest Primary School Designated Areas

Coastal Design Sea Levels- Coastal Flood Boundary Confidence Intervals

PLEASE NOTE: The Coastal Design Sea Levels – Coastal Flood Boundary datasets currently show data published in February 2011. An update to the data is currently planned for August 2019. This...

OGA - UKCS Designations

There is no description available.