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Cambridgeshire County Council website usage

Website usage statistics for CCC corporate website

Pembrokeshire County Council WFS Service

WFS download service for geographic data published by Pembrokeshire County Council

Hampshire County Council Land and Buildings

Hampshire County Council property data published under the Transparency Code 2014

Cambridgeshire County Council website satisfaction

Cambridgeshire County Council website customer satisfaction between 2009 - 2012.

Cambridgeshire County Council Counter Fraud

Local Government Transparency Code data about counter fraud work

Oxfordshire County Council Salt Bins

Dataset showing salt bin locations maintained by Oxfordshire County Council

Cambridgeshire County Council Organisation Chart

In line with the 2014 Transparency Code, this dataset contains the following - The top three levels of the organisation, along with grade, salary band, name, job title, local authority...

Oxfordshire County Council Street Lighting

Dataset showing street lighting locations maintained by Oxfordshire County Council

Hampshire County Council payments to suppliers

All relevant payments of £500 or more, net of VAT, not made through Payroll, are listed. Payments from schools delegated budgets are not included at this stage.

Cambridgeshire County Council Property Assets

All land and property in use by Cambridgeshire County Council, whether owned or leased. By using or accessing this data you will be deemed to have accepted the Public Sector End User Licence -...

Vacant Commercial Properties in County Durham

Vacant commerical properties in County Durham as at 8th october 2018.

County Rural Urban Classification

Rural Urban Classification of a County and population in that County that is a 'Major Urban', 'Large Urban', 'Other Urban', 'Large Market Town' 'Rural Town Population' 'Village' and...

Ceremonial County boundaries of England

Polygon dataset showing each current English County as definied by the Lord Lieutenancies Act 1997. Boundaries are mostly based on OS Boundaryline. This data is released under Ordnance Survey Open...

Petitions for East Sussex County Council

RSS feed of petitions currently open for signatures or already submitted to East Sussex County Council. Does not include petitions submitted on paper.

Councillor Annual Allowances for Monmouthshire County Council

Dataset containing a list of Monmouthshire councillors and how much of an allowance they were given for the year, broken down in to several separate allowances and expenses.

Hampshire County Council Councillors attendance at meetings

No description provided

Cambridgeshire County Council website availability statistics

CCC website server availability between 2006 and 2013.

Senior Officer Emoluments for Monmouthshire County Council

The number of senior officer emoluments in a particular pay band (for all pay bands above £60,000). Pay bands are in separations of £5,000 or £10,000.

Payments to suppliers from Monmouthshire County Council

Monmouthshire County Council's supplier spending data containing all transactions.

Hampshire County Council Councillors register of interests

No description provided