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Register of Title

A record of legal ownership and certain other legal interests relating to registered land or property.

Points of Interest

Points of Interest contains around 4 million places across Great Britain that you can visit – for business and pleasure. Each point is classified into one of more than 600 types, so you can...

Registered Charge Information

Data held in association with charges by way of legal mortgage registered against a borrower's property.

Overseas Market Introduction Service

Customer names, addresses etc.

Survey of campylobacter contamination on chickens

UK-wide raw data survey of campylobacter contamination on fresh chickens

Land Registry INSPIRE Download Service Metadata

INSPIRE Polygons are a complete set of Freehold title extent indexes available for England and Wales. The data is structured to meet the requirements of the EU INSPIRE Directive. Land Registry’s...

Quality Assurance data

Details of assurance activities, mapping integrity checks, seedpoint checks and quality of correspondence checks.

Ancillary Costs Survey (ACS)

Stratified sample survey of Intrastat Traders. Updated: monthly.

Modernisation of Stamp Duty (administrative system)

Information on properties sold with value over £40,000 e.g. price, tax liability, type of property, geography of property with information on the purchaser, vendor and solicitor involved

Property Description

A textual description of registered land.

Geospatial Data Catalogue: Ordnance Survey

Working with the Geospatial Commission, the Geo6 organisations have produced a simplified common data catalogue providing core information on the geospatial datasets that they hold and manage. ...

UK Postal Boundaries

Mapping data for postal boundaries

Liqud Petroleum Gas (LPG) survey

Survey of sales of Liquid Petroleum Gas

English and Welsh Local Resilience Forum boundaries

This boundary dataset has been created by aggregating and dissolving together Local Authority boundaries.

MoD Map Layers

MoD provided map layers for use by MoD and other RIMNET Users

Stakeholder Management Tool (Connect)

Stakeholder Names, address etc.

Form A

Monthly survey of volume & value of crude oil purchased by major oil companies

Property prices

Latest property prices Source: Land Registry Publisher: Land Registry Geographies: Local Authority District (LAD), Postcode Geographic coverage: England

World Explorer Premium

More detailed (than standard ESRI GIS) mapping data for the world

Transparency Agenda Governance Structure

A map of all of the bodies and organisations involved in the government transparency agenda and the relationships between them.