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Control of Major Accident Hazard sites

Local Wildlife Sites

Local Wildlife Sites are identified and selected for their local nature conservation value. They protect threatened species and habitats acting as buffers, stepping stones and corridors between...

Stockport Bus Stops

This dataset contains the location of bus stops within the Metropolitan Borough of Stockport. The data is derived from open data published by Transport for Greater...

Local Open Space

Land designated as Local Open Space in Stockport

Green Belt

Areas designated as Green Belt in Stockport

Article 4 1 Direction

Article 4 (1) Directions provide controls over minor development by removing certain permitted development rights within conservation areas. Generally they only apply to dwellings and to external...

Stockport Food Standards

Dataset containing food hygeine data for establishments in Stockport. Further information on the calculation of food hygeine ratings can be found in the technical documentation below.

Tree Preservation Orders

Tree Preservation Orders in Stockport

Section 106

Locations in Stockport of Section 106 agreements

Stockport Rights of Way

This dataset contains details of Public Rights of Way within the Metropolitan Borough of Stockport.

Stockport Powered Assets

This dataset contains the locations of a variety of powered assets within the Metropolitan Borough of Stockport, including street lights, bollards and lit signs. The data is accurate as at February...

Stockport Secondary School Attendance and Free School Meals

This dataset contains data on attendance and free school meal eligibility for secondary schools in Stockport. **Attendance** Data for 2015/16 academic year Tot_Pupil: Distinct count of pupils...

Strategic Open Space

Land in Stockport designated as Strategic Open Space

Stockport Community Groups and Activities

This dataset contains information on a wide range of community groups and activities in the Metropolitan Borough of Stockport. Activities are categorised according to the day(s) they take place and...

Stockport Births and Deaths

This dataset contains the count of births and fertility rate by LSOA for 2015, along with the count and direct age standardized rate of deaths for the period 2013-15. Information on the...