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Combat Stress / Remedial Treatment

Details of remedial treatment payments for war pensioners.

Civil Procedures Cases

Details of Appeals cases

Armed Forces Compensation Scheme Interim Database

Interim system for compensation used before asset No 17

Pay and Personnel Casework & Complaint (PACCC) Database

Details of personnel casework

Armed Forces Compensation Scheme Appeals Table

Details of compensation appeals hearings

Annual Unnotified Termination

Details of Service leavers for HMRC

Casework Registers

Details of the pension files that have been held in the section for casework to be carried out.

Calibre System (Dublin Cash Office)

Reconciliations with Defence Financial Management System

Journals Database

Details of journals posted to Oracle financial system

Nuclear Test Vets (Radiation Appeals)

Details of veterans claims

Far East Prisoner of War: Hong Kong Singapore Royal Artillery Database

Details of HKSRA claims referred for verification of identity visit. Records outcome decision.

Monthly Static Data System Data

Authoritative Defence Finance Management System reference data

Joint Service Accommodation Administration Centre

Details of substitute accommodation and property information on properties

Specialist SHEF Equipment

Details of Veterans Services Local Staff requiring Occupational Health Service-assessed specialist SHEF equipment

Far East and Nepalese Administration System

Details of Gurkha pension data

Debt Management Recoveries and Write Offs Databases - Fraud Data

Details of debt management, recoveries, write-offs and casework.

Med Distribution database

Details of war pension file medical casework tracking

Joint Casualty and Compassionate Centre (JCCC) Death In Service & Personal Cash Information

Details of deceased personnel including personal cash paid to next-of-kin.

Welfare Support Visitor Database

Details of Veterans Welfare Staff expense claims

Gulf 1&2

Statistics of Gulf War medical cases