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Departmental Financial Management

Reports expenditure for budget managers

Armed Forces Pension Scheme Resource Accounts

Resource Accounts

Rail Warrants Database

Name of staff and war disablement pensioners issued with rail warrants.

Veterans World Distribution Database

Details of recipients of Veterans World magazine

Training Matrix Database

Record of information required for staff development and appraisal purposes.

Welfare Staffing Database

Details of Veterans Welfare Staff administration

Debt Management Recoveries and Write Offs Databases - Control Journal Accounts

Details of debt management, recoveries, write-offs and casework.

Monthly Cash Forecast

Tracking of forecasted costs against actual


Details of overpayment recovery cases relating to war pension & compensation

Joint Casualty and Compassionate Centre (JCCC) Death In Service & Personal Cash Information

Details of deceased personnel including personal cash paid to next-of-kin.

Gulf 1&2

Statistics of Gulf War medical cases


Details of war pension payments

Parliamentary Business Database Archive

Corporate Services archive of details of ministerial, official and Freedom of Information correspondence. External person name, SPVA case officer and remarks.

Norcross Staffing Database

Details of Veterans Welfare staff

Emergency Payment Master Listing, Unit Inputs and Journals

Details to ensure correct financial reconciliation

Armed Forces Pension Scheme Statistics Documentation

AFPS Main Estimate

Naval Secretary's Database

Details of RN officers

Data Preservation Repository

Archive of pay and personnel administration details processed by a number of systems replaced by Joint Personnel Administration (asset No 103)

Veterans Services Asset Register Database

Details of former information assets

Skilled Nursing Care

Details of skilled nursing care payments for war pensioners.