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OGA GovSeismic SWoB WGS84

OGA seismic acquisition in South West Britain during 2016

Q 223

PDF map of quadrant 223

Q 41

PDF map of quadrant 41

Q 58

PDF map of quadrant 58

OGA - Oil and Gas Activity - Irish Sea

There is no description available.

Q 74

PDF map of quadrant 74

OGA Sub Areas by Equity Group Holder (ED50)

There is no description available.

OGA Onshore Fields BNG

Onshore field outlines as provided by the operators at the point of field determination or re-determination 

OGA 30thRoundIndicativeAreas ED50

Areas that are planned to be on offer in the 30th offshore licensing round. Actual areas have NOT been finalised and are subject to change. The areas shown are for indicative purposes only.

Q 17

PDF map of quadrant 17

OGA MNSH LegacyPostStack WGS84

Government funded seismic lines in the Mid North Sea High (MNSH)

OGA - Unsanctioned Discoveries - NNS

PDF map showing the location of unsanctioned discoveries (small pools) and key infrastructure in the NNS

OGA Quadrants WGS84

Quadrants (1 degree by 1 degree grid) covering both onshore and offshore UK

Q 155

PDF map of quadrant 155

Q 37

PDF map of quadrant 37

Government Seismic Release 2016 (WGS84)

Location information for Government Released seismic surveys

30th Round Provisional Awards (ED50)

There is no description available.

Q 362

PDF map of quadrant 362

Coal Authority 3D seismic (BNG)

These data layer are supplied by the UK Onshore Geophysical Library which manages the 2D & 3D seismic surveys acquired by the Exploration Industry on behalf of the Oil & Gas Authority. The...

30th Round Provisional Awards (WGS84)

There is no description available.