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OGA Onshore Fields WGS84

Offshore field outlines as provided by the operators at the point of field determination or re-determination 

OGA Licences ED50

There is no description available.

OGA RestrictedBlocks ED50

Blocks on the UKCS with restrictions on oil and gas activity

Q 140

PDF map of quadrant 140

University of Aberdeen – OGA Frontier Basins Rockall Project: A new view of the UK Rockall Prospectivity

This delivery provides interim products from the two year post-doctoral research project that is being undertaken at the University of Aberdeen. This project is focused on the Rockall Trough area...

OGA - Oil & Gas Activity - WOS

There is no description available.

Q 357

PDF map of quadrant 357

GovSeismicSurvey ESP (ETRS89)

Location information for Government Released seismic surveys

30th Round Provisional Award Map (WoS)

There is no description available.

Q 337

PDF map of quadrant 337

Q 133

PDF map of quadrant 133

Q 56

PDF map of quadrant 56

Q 19

PDF map of quadrant 19

OGA MNSH LegacyPostStack ETRS89

Government funded seismic lines in the Mid North Sea High (MNSH)

Q 111

PDF map of quadrant 111

Q 373

PDF map of quadrant 373

OGA Licensed Blocks WGS84

Licence boundaries covering both onshore and offshore UK taken directly from OGA's Petroleum E-business, Assignment and Relinquishment System (PEARS)

Q 44

PDF map of quadrant 44

OGA MNSH LegacyPostStack WGS84

Government funded seismic lines in the Mid North Sea High (MNSH)

OGA 31st Round Indicative Areas (ED50)

Areas that are planned to be on offer in offshore licensing rounds. Actual areas for 31st round have NOT been finalised and are subject to change. The areas shown are for indicative purposes only.