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OGA Rd29 Awards WGS84

There is no description available.

Q 37

PDF map of quadrant 37

Q 43

PDF map of quadrant 43

Q 144

PDF map of quadrant 144

Q 174

PDF map of quadrant 174

Q 51

PDF map of quadrant 51

Q 91

PDF map of quadrant 91

Q 210

PDF map of quadrant 210

OGA - UKCS Unsanctioned Discoveries

UK Continental Shelf Unsanctioned Discoveries Information Pack

OGA 30th Round Indicative Areas (ED50)

Areas that are planned to be on offer in offshore licensing rounds. Actual areas for 31st round have NOT been finalised and are subject to change. The areas shown are for indicative purposes only.

Q 345

PDF map of quadrant 345

Q 11

PDF map of quadrant 11

MNSH LegacyPostStack (WGS84)

Location of government-released reprocessed legacy surveys

OGA Quadrants ETRS89

Quadrants (1 degree by 1 degree grid) covering both onshore and offshore UK

Shell/ExxonMobil Geochemistry Database for Central North Sea

Continued collaboration with Shell and ExxonMobil has also resulted in the release of a significant geochemical database which contains raw and interpreted data plus associated reports from...

OGA Rd14 Awards WGS84

Blocks awarded in the 14th onshore licensing round

Q 9

PDF map of quadrant 9

Q 34

PDF map of quadrant 34

Q 374

PDF map of quadrant 374

OGA Field Production, PPRS (WGS84)

Contains recent and historic production data for Oil Tanker to Loader, Dry Gas Fields, Oil Field Exporting to Pipeline, and Onshore Oil Field unit types. PON 7 and petroleum reporting is handled...