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Q 14

PDF map of quadrant 14

IGI Source Rock Potential of the East Shetland Platform

Evaluation of the source rock potential of the East Shetland Platform including an interpretation report, a geochemical database, 1-D modelling input data and results and a comprehensive literature...

Q 95

PDF map of quadrant 95

Q 353

PDF map of quadrant 353

Q 50

PDF map of quadrant 50

Q 175

PDF map of quadrant 175

Q 108

PDF map of quadrant 108

Q 19

PDF map of quadrant 19

OGA LicenceRelinquishments WGS84

Licensed block relinquishments since 2014 with links to PDF relinquishment reports. 

OGA Licensed Blocks History ED50

There is no description available.

Q 103

PDF map of quadrant 103

OGA Onshore Fields WGS84

Offshore field outlines as provided by the operators at the point of field determination or re-determination 

UK Shale Prospective Areas (BGS, OGA)

There is no description available.

Q 43

PDF map of quadrant 43

GovSeismicSurvey ESP (ETRS89)

Location information for Government Released seismic surveys

OGA Geological Major WGS84

Generic geological boundaries on the UKCS

OGA and Lloyd's Register SW Approaches & Anglo Paris Basin Regional Geological Maps (ArcGIS version)

As part of the OGA’s published 2018/19 Activity Plan, the OGA is publishing a set of regional geological maps for the SW Approaches area. These maps represent the fourth set of deliverables from...

APT Geochemical evaluation of oil provenance & quality WoS

APT’s West of Shetlands geochemical database was purchased with publication rights by the OGA in March 2017. In the interests of getting the data into the public domain for use by potential 30th...

OGA Wells WGS84

Offshore wells on the UKCS

OGA Licences ETRS89

Licence boundaries covering both onshore and offshore UK taken directly from OGA's Petroleum E-business, Assignment and Relinquishment System (PEARS)