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Q 50

PDF map of quadrant 50

OGA LicenceRelinquishments WGS84

Licensed block relinquishments since 2014 with links to PDF relinquishment reports. 

Q 175

PDF map of quadrant 175

Q 108

PDF map of quadrant 108

OGA Licensed Blocks History ED50

There is no description available.

Q 357

PDF map of quadrant 357

Q 151

PDF map of quadrant 151

OGA GovSeismic SWoB WGS84

OGA seismic acquisition in South West Britain during 2016

Q 223

PDF map of quadrant 223

Q 218

PDF map of quadrant 218

OGA Geological Sub ED50

Generic geological boundaries on the UKCS

Q 39

PDF map of quadrant 39

BGS South West Approaches Study

A literature review of late and post Variscan basins in NW Europe has been carried out, and a fully referenced and extensive bibliography is presented. A review of literature on the rather long and...

OGA GovSeismic 2016 WGS84

There is no description available.

OGA Offshore Fields ED50

Offshore field outlines as provided by the operators at the point of field determination or re-determination 

OGA Licensed Blocks ED50

There is no description available.

Q 359

PDF map of quadrant 359

OGA Sub Areas by Equity Group Holder (ETRS89)

Licence boundaries covering both onshore and offshore UK taken directly from OGA's Petroleum E-business, Assignment and Relinquishment System (PEARS)

Q 166

PDF map of quadrant 166

Q 169

PDF map of quadrant 169