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Organogram of Staff Roles & Salaries

Organogram (organisation chart) showing all staff roles. Names and salaries are also listed for the Senior Civil Servants. Organogram data is released by all central government departments and...

Human Resources Management System (HRMS (iTrent))

A collection of datasets showing HR, recruitment, payroll and learning and development information for Ofsted employees.

Ofsted inspector inspection activity and performance data.

This dataset provides data related to Ofsted inspectors' inspection activity and inspection performance outcomes (e.g. quality assurance work/complaints). It is collected during the course of our...

Internal Management Information: Inspection data

This is a collection of data sets, compiled by remit to assist regional managers in assessing inspection activities and outcomes in their areas. They contain information on key inspection...

Serious Incident Notifications

Statistics covering statutory notifications of incidents affecting children aged under 18 years. Source agency: Office for Standards in Education, Children's Services and Skills Designation:...

Transactions over £25,000 - Ofsted spend data

A monthly updated list of Ofsted's financial transactions over £25,000, as part of the government's commitment to transparency in expenditure.

Children's social care statistics

Statistics from Ofsted including data for children’s homes and other social care providers, fostering, inspections of local authority children’s services, and serious incident notifications from...

Further education and skills statistics

Ofsted inspection statistics for further education and skills.

State-funded school inspections and outcomes: management information

Management information published monthly and a one-off publication of inspections and outcomes from 2005 to 2015.

Social care ownership profiles: management information

Data on the largest owners of children’s social care providers.

Learning and skills inspections and outcomes

This is the publicaton of the 'Learning and skills inspections and outcomes'. Source agency: Office for Standards in Education, Children's Services and Skills Designation: Official Statistics not...

Initial teacher education: inspections and outcomes

Official statistics for initial teacher education provision in England.

Early years and childcare statistics

Statistics from Ofsted for early years and childcare.

State-funded schools statistics

Official statistics on the inspections and outcomes of state-funded schools and academies in England.

Ofsted Parent View: management information

Management information published annually in the interests of transparency.

Further education and skills: management information from September 2018 to August 2019

Management information showing inspection outcomes from September 2018 to August 2019.

Children’s social care data for the Ofsted Annual Report 2017/18

Social care data to accompany the Ofsted Annual Report 2017/18.

Children’s homes inspections and outcomes: management information

Management information published quarterly in the interests of transparency.

Social care provision ownership and inspection outcomes: management information

These figures are not official statistics. They are management information published in the interests of transparency as at 31 March 2014.

Children's social care inspections and outcomes

Ofsted official and national statistics covering 'Children's Social Care in England' and 'Local authority children's services: inspections and outcomes'.